New Player - Melee Summoner Templar Build??

Hey guys, looking for some general info/guidance for my first POE char (since beta).

I think I'm going to try my luck as a melee summoner templar...sort of a batltlemage type character. Haven't gotten as far as plotting out my build in its entirety yet, at this stage I'm still trying to figure out what my ideal gear/gem setup might look like. I'm considering either going 2 handed and using sweep, or mace/shield and focusing on using dominating blow.

I'm open to pretty much any build that will put me fighting on the front lines, fighting alongside a large-ish army of minions.

Has anyone played a similar build? I've seen guides but not many that are for the current patch..any advice is appreciated.

Last edited by ryza1553 on May 8, 2014 9:17:31 PM

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