Choosing an Incinerate Totem build

Hi guys, I'm trying to start an Incinerate Totem Templar and I have some doubts that I'm sure that people with more experience can solve.

First of all, I'm trying to decide between these two guides:


There are some differences between the builds so I prefer to ask first:

- Incinerate + spell totem vs Flame totem, which one is the best and why?
- Intelligence nodes vs Strenght nodes. Each guide seems to focus in a different side of the tree. Wich one is the better path?

At least, which guide do you think that will be better for a non experienced player with a poor economy.

Of course any other help or suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
second one is not incinerate totem build, it is dual flame totem build. you can ask what is the difference between one flame totem and dual flame totem. Difference is you have special node for use double totem(I don't remember name of it) and when you take that node your spell atack will zero. So, Incinerate spell will not damage enemys

sorry for my poor english
Yes, I know both builds are using different skills and that's one of the questions I posted: which are the differences between both skils and which one is better (the result seems the same in both cases)

The node to use an extra totem is 'Ancestral Bond' and both builds are using it, so it's not a difference in this case.

To clarify I found two builds using different totem skills and with some differences in the passive tree but the resultant builds are apparently equal.
I'm just trying to know wich one is better and what are the differences that I cannot see at first glance.

Thanks BigJobless for the help

I have the same question.



I Ran into the same question, with my Scion Dual totem build. I came to find out 2 things:

1. Incinerate and Flame totem both have 1 huge weakness. Big cluttered packs that take them down in under a second. Flame totem shines here, because starting dps is higher, its still better to use a support skill here though, maybe something like a fireball totem (with chain, GMP, Fork, Dps gems, choose whatever) , able to be put on a further range than Flame and Incinerate, so that they wont be taken down as quickly

Now. Incinerate, in my opinion, is a bit weaker, mainly because it takes time to charge up, but most importantly, has a skill gem less it can use. since you can easily scale the damage of both of these totems with gems, thats a pretty bad thing so I chose flame totem over Incinerate.

2. Strenght nodes or Intelligence. Well, Intelligence gives you mana and ES. Which is good if you are using EB, or CI. However, Strenght gives you life and melee phys damage. Not very useful unless you use melee totems right?

Well, Iron Will is an important skill gem here. Since it can easily give a plain 50% damage increase on lvl 20, and with quality even more, its really good to pick up strenght nodes, if you want to go this route. 250 strenght already gives this 50% increase, however, nodes like +30 strenght become really efficient, giving you both 15 life and 6% extra damage.

It might have to play a bit Im using Blood magic too, so im more likely to pick up a lot of strenght, but its a really good gem to scale DPS with.
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Thanks leary93 for your advice, I really appreciate it.

As you said I finally decided to make a Flame Totem build that I'm leveling now.

After some search & compare I decided to use the Goranh build:

It seems really complete and effective. Let's see if I can manage it well at mid-high levels.

Thanks again and any tip for leveling, gameplay or passive key points will be appreciate.
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