Flisker wrote:
I also believe map drop got fcked up, I was doing 90-130% maps and my map pool was growing, now some days back it got screwed. Not just for me, for both friends I'am running with.

They just dont drop, or I get some low level maps like 67 69 in 75 map so it's useless.

My whole pool is gone by now and I'am back to 72 right now and going down.

i posted 2 days ago that i opened 8-9*73 maps and found only 1 map 74 and 2-3 70-71 so i thought that map drop rate was nerfed

but then yesterday i opened probably 12-15 maps 73-74 and i ended up with 15-17 73-76maps and 5-6 70-72maps ( excluding maps below 70 )
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RNG in mapping is so vast that we cannot notice the difference even if they do nerf the drops.
gorlace616 wrote:
Completed 1 ChallengeQarl wrote:
There have been no changes to the drop rate of maps.

map drops have been bad since I think patch 1.0.3 when u increased chance of higher level maps dropping. that was many many months ago and never got anyone from GGG to respond to it. and I documented my map drops for a month and would average a higher level map 1 out of 3 maps. wasn't like that before patch. so Lets blame it on RNG, its always the way out of everything, no one cares to check and see if maybe code got messed up. so instead of saying nothing changed go back 3-4 months to that patch and look at it, its after that patch the map drop threads exploded.

I left for about a month and sine ive been back noticed no change, horrible drops and very very low chance of getting a higher level. Just wish it didn't take 3-4 months to finally get someone from GGG to actually care to respond to this.

I get more maps that are 5-10 levels LOWER than the map im doing that I get maps that are higher level

I wanna elaborate on this one abit.Actually there was a patch that said they increased the drop rate od high level maps,and they did.Everything was perfect for aproximetely 2 weeks.Since i only play solo or duo,i was able to level from 90 to 93 during this period.I was just rolling blue maze and was regaling it and it workedvery well.Then 2 weeks later or so,came the patch that they removed the "maze" mod,and made maps bigger by default,and then it was when everything got fucked up.Eery Post 90 character was complaining,and i beleive there was a statement that the drop rate was not changed,but nobody beleived it :P.Then i quit for around 4 months

Currently i am mainly farming atziri,but the drop rate seems pretty similar to me(yeah kinda bad :P) - Poutsos Flicker Nuke Shadow
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Mivo wrote:
LSN wrote:
If the map drop rates had changed (e.g. to stop map prices/values from falling), why would you come to the forums and admit it? oO

Why would he bother to deny it? Would make more sense to ignore this thread if they had silently altered the drop rate. I see no reason to doubt his word.

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rrtson wrote:
This game is like an RNG lasagna. Layers and layers of RNG, sprinkled with RNG, and then shat on with more RNG.

Fucking quote of the century. Ty for sig!
Shrug, neither I or anyone I know have had any trouble with map drops. At least no more than usual.

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rrtson wrote:
This game is like an RNG lasagna. Layers and layers of RNG, sprinkled with RNG, and then shat on with more RNG.

Fucking quote of the century. Ty for sig!

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Yesterday night 20 maps 78 maps with item quantity 65% to 90%.

About 4 78´s dropped... And 8 77´s... The rest bullshit and low....

This morning 2 Maps. 0 Drops yet...

So 22maps and 4 78´s, good ratio to continue making XP :)

The funny thing is that we was doing rotations and all the party members are unlucky at same time?

Im going continue farming along the day and telling here my drop rate.

I have the sensation that it depends from the hours of the day, in the nights the drops are bullshits, afternoons the drop is better.

3 more 78´s maps

0 MAP DROPS 0 means 0, no 66, no 68, 0.
Like Worldbreaker said, it's your own fault.

And like those rocket scientists say, if you know how to manage your maps properly, you won't have any trouble with sustaining map pool.

Note: I am making fun of them. I understand you, I've been there, and I've "lost" around 120 77/78 maps in the first few days of maze/larger area removal. Got my ~50 77/78 map pools "wasted" multiple times.
The day I've stopped leveling my Duelist, I've decided to test something, after 1 and a half week with just selling stuff from my shop, I've allotted ~200 Ex, while usually when I've mapped, I was sitting on ~30 Ex on average which was produced by flipping.
2 More maps (always 78´s farms)

First one - 1 PALACE - 1 Crematorium

Secound one - 1 academy.

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