Sweep staff templar viable?

With critical strike. Sweep and blunt trauma give you knockback. 30-35% block is achievable. Other defensive nodes including lots of lifeleech and regen (may be zealots oath as well). And endurance charges. Survivability should be decent even with mediocre gear no?
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You can make it survivable but the damage is garbage. Kind of a slow/annoying skill to use. Have you tried it in merciless? I think usually people use Leap Slam over Sweep, for that sort of playstyle.
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Ah yes sweep is indeed bad.

What about heavy strike/double strike + melee splash + multistrike (+ crit damage + crit multipler + melee damage) for a physical staff build?
Last time I gave a shit, I got fucked
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Look for the player 'Hegemoney', he uses 'Pillar of the Caged God' with a lot of crit and ias. It looks very fun and is definately viable.
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