Why Mjolner is an awesome toy and what to put in it...

'evening, I was lucky and had a Mjölner drop in docks fairly early after its release. Found dbum's build for a Templar here and went for it.

While this build can be called "THE MOBMASTER" with every right, it unfortunately lacks single target killing abilities. With standard low-cost gear I only have 3k DPS, which is next to nothing.

But the point of this thread is about Mjölner itself and what to put in it, as I remember a lengthy discussion between several Thors on what skills are best. And there was a dude insisting on 3 arcs being the way to go. Let's see....

- Base DPS Single Arc (average) = 450
- Strength: 555 => 111% incr. dmg => 100%+111%=211% => multiplier 2.11 for Iron Will
note: this value is easily reached with gear and passives of dbum's build.
- Lightning Penetration maxed out to 35%.
A single enemy therefore can have -35% to +75% lightning resistance (with IW instead of LP).
- Mjöner triggers all Arcs independently (meaning they can fire simultaneously)
- Shock stack is not taken into account, base damage only.

Basically, the three options discussed result the following MAX~~~MIN DPS for a single trigger of all arcs:
1. 3x Arc: 3*450*(1-[0.0~~~0.75]) = 1350~~~337.5
2. 2x Arc & IW: 2*450*(1-[0.0~~~0.75])*2.11 = 1899~~~474.75
3. 2x Arc & LP: 2*450*(1-([0.0~~~0.75]-0.35)) = 1215~~~540

As you can see, the LP multiplier will never exceed 1.35 (no lightning resistance), whereas the multiplier with IW can be increased with the strength attribute's value.

With IW & LP maxed to Q20, the IW version becomes even better:
1a. 3x Arc: 3*450*(1-[0.0~~~0.75]) = 1350~~~337.5 (same)
2a. 2x Arc & IW: 2*450*1.15*(1-[0.0~~~0.75])*2.11 = 2183.85~~~545.9625
3a. 2x Arc & LP: 2*450*1.10*(1-([0.0~~~0.75]-0.35)) = 1336.5~~~594

Break-even is only achieved against monsters with at least 68% lightning resistance (put it in excel and draw the graphs!), meaning...... rarely. LKest I have overlooked something of course...

Now, with shock stack and also with the cast arcs' hits counting as trigger hits for Mjölner you can easily see that this hammer is more than overpowered - against mobs.

Two other things I very much like: Mjölner auto-destructs urns and stuff, so you're more likely to find more items. And the range of the arcs cast can extend beyond two screens. There is afaik no weapon that clears maps quicker than this beast. The "time-to-market" or TTCM (time to clear map) is soooo freakin' low....

Currently I'm trying out a discharge variant btw. Perhaps there is a variant for single targets that does not involve RF. Hope this helps in some way.
Enjoy it during the league, cause after that im afraid it will be hit hard with the nerfhammer. This weapon trivializes content even in the highest level maps, in a 6man party you're still obliterating everything on your own with a few clicks, and theres no creativity in it, just slap arcs into it and procs galore, sigh.
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sort of like: Discharge, CoC and RF builds.... Nonetheless, way cooler optics, less lag, and have you ever tried 3 Thors with Mjölners in one single party =) That is obliteration...

On nerfing: Well, I don't see why. Since by design it does not come with Single-Target-DPS. It's a pure fun party toy, artillery from behind. Even the discharge-build with blood rage will not help against a single target, since you wont get any kills to actually charge up. Currently, the only way I see it is to have RF and LGoH and lots and lots of resistance. we'll see...
For single target and pack :

Moltenstrike - GMP - LMP - Multistrike - Faster Attack - what you want

I use Discharge in my build :

for single target it's :

3.8 attacks per second ( and around 3-4 projectile hit the target too ) so it's around => 13 hit per second => 6.5 Discharge per second with 3 powercharge and 3 endurance charge in average

i keep arc, because it's some damage and it gives power charge for discharge
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Hi there! Thanks for the build advertisement heh. I'd like to chime in with my new build I've been doing.www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/911276 has worked wonders currently lvl 86.

I would like to say for single target for me molten strike > fa > Multistrike > lgoh is amazing with arc > iron will > light pen. I have killed every boss in every map up to 72 (excluding shock n horror I'm worried of dying to that one on invasion)

So far so good!

I wish I had gear and a respec on std to test a Ci coe rf build. Maybe next ladder.
IGN @Dbum
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