"UseGLSL"="disabled" how do i do this with wine?

ok i created Direct 3D but there is no Openglsl to disable.. does that mean im good to go? Is there anything else I need to do?
iao wrote:
GeoExile wrote:
im on a macbook pro.. is playonlinux for linux OS?

Sorry, I meant to mention PlayOnMac as well. As far as I know, it works the same way as PlayOnLinux.

To create the string as ionface mentioned, navigate to the same place and then go to "Edit" in your menubar, then "New", then "String value". From there just double click on the areas to enter the data shown in the image.

ohh k i manually typed in OPENGLSL as the name then typed in the value as disabled. Is that actually changing settings? Not knowing anything about programming it seems like i just made nominal changess..
The name should be exactly "UseGLSL" and the data should be exactly "disabled". It should work this way.
same name in-game
thanks so much im gonna give it a go
So the values have been inputted.. i logged on and I still had a stutter when encountering and killing rares. do I need to restart or anything?
Perhaps you do, I'm not sure. I suppose you should restart your computer and try again to find out.
same name in-game
Shaders take a second to generate when you don't have them in the ShaderCache, so your GPU's shader clock is probably the delay you're seeing, not the software compatibility layer. The team is working on this very thing to improve on performance, and pre-generating all those shader combinations for you will take some time.
GeoExile wrote:
btw i will definitely upgrade my supporter level if i can have a smooth experience and not be crippled by this boss lag!

you can't upgrade your supporter level anymore :/
Gl & HF may the rng gods be with you.
ah thx all.. still experiencing the stutter.. maybe i'll get a character from each class to the stage where lag becomes a big problem then just wait for ggg lol.
how i disable this on windows guys? does anyone know?

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