[Invasion] Dbum's Thor God of Thunder (Mjolner Build)

With RF/Cyclone for single target, I have zero problems. Its extremely powerful and I can melt any rare and can take down unique mobs extremely quickly. I do still use LS for most clears, because cyclone (in my experience) has slower aoe killing potential.
Selvian wrote:
With RF/Cyclone for single target, I have zero problems. Its extremely powerful and I can melt any rare and can take down unique mobs extremely quickly. I do still use LS for most clears, because cyclone (in my experience) has slower aoe killing potential.

Know what'd be awesome? Socket Shock Nova + Concentrated Effect + Iron Will in hammer.

Get knockback nodes near marauder.

Congratulations! You are now effectively pushing mobs as you cyclone through them, keeping them away from you while at the same time setting them in range to get hit by shock nova which in turn will shock stack their shit as they stand on righteous fire!
[3.3]Obliteration RF Slayer: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2013175
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Selvian wrote:
So I wanted to change the build to be better at single target and I decided to try RF + cyclone for that (still using LS majority of the time). Turns out its REALLY good! I'm only level 82 but can solo Shrine Piety and she goes down pretty quick.

My build is very similar to dbums, with a few changes to help with RF:

The next few levels will be spend near the marauder tree for life. Pretty much all survivability now.

I sit at 4625 life, 11571 armor, 90% fire, 78% cold, and 79% light resists. These stats are with the 3 auras I use: Purity of fire, Vitality, and Determination.

Gear and gem setup is as follows.

This build will have well over 5500 hp by level 90 which is pretty insane with how much i leech. As far as reflect goes, cyclone with LoH makes them cake. Literally not a problem at all.

Let me know your thoughts or any critiques!! Thanks

You have any videos of this build in action you can post?
I'm doing a RF cyclone version as well, using Lightning strike in a 4l for mobs i dont want to engage up close. In my 5l i use cyclone, faster attacks, blood magic, life gain on hit , and BLIND. This is awesome for tough singletarget enemies, because it will neutralize any attack based enemies with blinding. It works really, really well. Rf on its own is very powerful, but the boost to spelldmg is insane!

My arcs do 238-4508 damage. I'm curious to hear what other people are getting at lvl 20 arc.

I figured out a tree where I only need 3% regen, so i spent a lot of nodes on spelldmg and ltng dmg, which when multiplied by RF 1.6 multiplier gives a TON of damage to arc.

I do this in the following way: 75 base fire res + 4 from tree + 8 from shield + 8 from purity = 95% fire res! At this point RF only takes 4.5% hp/sec so its very sustainable. 2.5% already comes from Vitality!

That last 8% fire res from Purity of fire comes from boosting it to lvl 23 with a +1 gem item and empower to get 5% to max (at lvl 23 pof), x 1.6 aura effect = 8%!

I am also using purity of lightning in a similar way so as to help with reflect, and since im doing that I might as well run lightning coil for awesome phys mitigation.

I have 5.7k life and 30% phys dmg reduction with 3 end charges up.

Heres the build and gears:


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Gaghish wrote:
RT is a little must than 83% chance to hit, however you are sure to hit everytime (triggers always activated for Arc) and shock everytime during "x" hits...

Chance to shock ennemies with RT is reduces than critical strike... My solution consist to set quality in Arc and get "Static blows" + Doryani's invitation (get 10% chance to shock during flask effect).

Unique belt

In my gear i will use 6 power charges(PC) + little node which increse spell dmg (4% spell dmg per PC) + iron will (more strengt, so more dmg for spells) + Romira ring...

Mjölner 3L > Arc (20%) + Iron will + Discharge (20%)



-Oak (get more life)
-Kraityn (get attack speed)
-Alira (get +1 power charge)

thx a lot,Gaghish.
I am lvling my templar with RT these days,lvl 80 now,and doing some MF job.


hard to cull when multi-players,so I prefer faster solo run for now

Hard to tell the difference with the witch version in dps,but for sure there is more life and also I take iron reflex also to be more tanky like yours.but I dont have the ring to discharge,so,single target is still the main problem for me.And shock problem is not so significant when killing white and blue mobs.
Now there are mainly tree ways to use this hammer,using RF,using discharge and like the dbum's version,they are all worth a try.
But maybe the first important thing I should do is to 6s my coil and link it :)

POE is for sure a free-for-fun game,but as far as I know and see,it's also a pay-to-win game.
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You guys are coming up with some very interesting stuff here. This why I love this game!

I've been liking a version of my St super tank (eb mom aa) for this and it's working very well. Have tested both double strike and cyclone for single target but it's hard to tell which is better. Spectral throw works very well with the mjolner as well as ls.

May revisit the templar soon
IGN @Dbum
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My templar so far

Click here for skilltree (Level 76)

I started mapping with level 60 and everything I can say is: Wow. Cyclone is great, insane for AOE and also, amazing for single target. I tried a Shrine map with level 75 and almost killed Piety, survivability is still a little bit bad. Another problem is elemental reflect, if you aren't prepared reflect will kill you 99.9%.

If you have suggestion to improve my build, feel free to share it with me :)

Also, here's a video showing off some gameplay
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this combination really makes mjölner usefull!
Okay it's my turn :

Here's my gear ( i need to 4 link my glove ):

My skill tree :

As you can see, i'm using a lot of reduced mana cost ( 64% ) : Cyclone - multistrike - faster attack - life gain on hit - blind cost 39 mana only.

And Vaal pact => i don't care about reflect, and 40% of insane damage is a pretty good leech.

Bye, if you want to do my build ( use purity of elements instead of determination, it's not that easy to cap all res ( i'am at 77 for all ( 85 / 86 / 85 )) and use an astramentis or a foible ( mana regen is strong )

PS : For desync => /oos during cyclone multistrike some time, and don't spam click like a tard when your in cyclone form.

PS2 : It works pretty well with 2 arcs, but romira's banquet + discharge is better ( you'll gain a lot of damage for the price of a nearly useless ring )

PS3 : I'm going to buy voll's devotion
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Thanks for all the amazing build ideas, I bought mine mjolner cos I thought it was gonna be nerfed soon due to OP, I made my build around it and turns out it really isnt OP, but tons of fun to play if your computer can handle several discharges in one second.

A little tweaked build adding block

Mjolner has very low base speed so I don't take attack speed nodes or use haste. I use cyclone/discharge with voll's ammulet/romira ring on scrubcore for dmg, and on the tree you can get 5-6 endurance charges. The final build should have 6 power charge+6 endurance charge. Discharge dps should be more than enough.

I find iron reflex not really worth taking. With my moderate gears+determination+granite flask it is enough to deal with physical. Also with 5 endurace charges immortal call is very handy too. I use cyclone so unwavering stance is not really necessary.

With ele reflect/spell I use legacy saffel, the final build should have near cap spell block+84/84/87 ele res. or rathpith globe can be swapped for 60ish block (for EK and chaos projectiles) and 45ish spell block, and ofc a lil bit more spell dmg but all res will be lower.

My gear

PS, being frozen can be a headache, I'm thinking about taking alpha howl but I need some tweaks on my gears. Also with this cyclone/discharge build I hit 1.26times/second, with lightning res mobs it will still take 3-5 seconds. Now my hardest part is to deal with corrupted blood. cyclone can build up 20stacks very quickly and I dont really have a better way to deal with it. Any recommendations? I already use three staunching flasks.

EDIT: I rethought about it lightning coil is not really a good choice for armor based builds and with cyclone 4L can do the trick just fine. I will switch to kaom heart to test the build.

Updated with kaom heart/alpha howl, end game life should be around 5.3k still low, 65ish block 50ish spell block, 6%ish life regen

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