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auction hall

no thanks

Fuck you. I was going to write more but if you're okay with just saying two words to counter somebody's argument, then so am I.

As for the idea of the auction house - I've been suggesting it since early open beta, but was always pretty much crucified by chat when I brought it up. Like somebody else said, I think D3 poisoned peoples' opinions on the matter. We just need an in-game system where somebody can post an item and people can post offers, the seller can then ignore, accept or post a counter-offer; you know, pretty much the forums but in-game. Maybe put a timer on the item so the marketplace doesn't get congested with useless, obsolete, or troll posts.

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wish list for this update:

(i.e. there are games that are like this im sure)


just my 2cents

Pretty sure WoW has had a system like this for years. Nobody ever bitches about that.

nice to know there are like minded people in this community whose got a passion for a more orderly, efficient and systematic way of trading stuff.

for anyone who's played dungeon fighter online before (or cdnf/kdnf/or any variant), i find the auction hall in that game quite reasonable as you are normally allowed to sell/post 'x' number of items for 24 hours and get proceeds or items back on or before said time lapse. there are trading licenses that can be bought with real money that allows you to sell more than just 'x' number of items and even lets you set up a shop in-town for 'x' number of items.

GGG can implement the trading license model and have it as a micro transaction in a similar fashion that GGG currently sells 'item tabs'. this is just an example of what can be done and if there are any downsides to that, im all for having it modified to address any downside so long as the goal of having a more orderly, efficient and systematic way of handling the economy will remain.
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Who said there needs to be AH at all. A simple bulletin board with a serperate inbox for each posting would work.

1. Post an Item
2. People search it and contact you to trade

This way it preserves player to player interaction, but it also allows you to focus on the game and not trade chat.
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