[1.1.0] TankyTotems - Dual Searing Bond Templar

The zombies probably wouldn't save me on the Devourer death because they can't be triggered on their first rising unless you walk to where they will spawn, totems and minions can't do that as far as I know.

CwDT Immortal Call probably could have saved me though.

Solo Self Found, I did a runthrough with this build. I killed Merciless Piety at level 60 in 8:41:19.


Cruel Blockage split is wrong :P
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Ey dude, i see this build on Reddit and im thinking about making this build for the new leagues (im waiting for the information for tomorrow, because i need to know first about passive changes, or possible gem skill changes, idk...)

But seeing your twitch, this build is fucking awesome, and with no expensive gear you killed dominus on merciless "very easy", was a fucking shit that devourers that killed you, i see the video on reddit some days ago, but i didn't see your build before.

If you upgrade this build with more info or some feedback from your experience, i will thanks a lot dude.

And if you are going to do a theorycraft whit the information of tomorrow, let me know in this post pls, i will follow this topic.

PD: Sorry if my english is a bit "bad"
Just wondering if Blind works with Searing bond?
Completed 6 ChallengesIcecicle wrote:
Just wondering if Blind works with Searing bond?


Blind requires a hit and searing bond is degen. Nothing prevents you from applying blind with something else however.
Do you think the Ironwood cluster is really worth it? I've messed around with searing bond a bit on hardcore and I find that even with the survival nodes the totems just die all the time anyway, so why really bother.

Spec I used

Pretty much the same except master race Scion don't need to waste so many filler points, so you can afford the mind over matter cluster + stretching a bit further for totemic zeal + entrophy.

Had no idea about elemental equilibrium not being triggered by the searing bond though, guess that's why it seemed like you did so much damage.

I also think the spec can be very decent endgame with the curse cluster, which would also provide you a different route trough the middle. You can also use the curse boots (they even have 10% ele dmg), so that you can put low lvl vulnerability in a lvl 1 cast on damage taken together with enduring cry + immortal call, and double curse with ele weakness since even a lvl 1 vulnerability is a static 40% increase DoT damage, which procs all the time when you're running solo. Could even have saved you against the funny devour death :^)
CT should be around the art of PKing and not griefing lower levels.
From my experience the Ironwood cluster mostly helps against Tentacle Miscreations and getting more cast speed. It is a long way to get it, though. It's mostly just there to prevent instagibbed totems for the most part.

If you feel you don't need it to make totems survive longer, getting more damage and cast speed by getting Totemic Zeal and damage elsewhere is great. Personal preference makes me like Ironwood - especially since I now use it in my race build for Searing Bond.

And Scion is a great choice for Searing Bond, as I mentioned you get better mana passives. The problem is, Scion doesn't get Searing Bond and a lot of other gems, so starting as Scion in a new league is kinda eh if you want to level with Searing Bond.

I think dual curse is a great idea too. If you seriously want to stick to self found - strictly NO trading - I would say this is one of the best DPS boosts you can get, over that of EE. You get Elemental Weakness from the Library quest in Cruel Act 3 and Flammability in Normal act 2.

The dual curse and faster curse casting probably makes up for the lost damage that happens by going through witch. I might try this in the new league. Thanks for the suggestion!
Current IGN: twitchtvTheuberelite

http://twitch.tv/theuberelite - I stream sometimes.
Thanks for posting Uber. I will have to start checking out the stream. :)
What do you think about going a 6L staff with +3 levels and a Kaom's, then running Searing Bond / Fire Trap / Inc Burning Damage / Fire Pen / Empower / (Something Else)? It was something I considered in my Searing Bond build for next league. Ofc this si when I get the items, but it was an idea.
Woohoo! Nice write-up, Uber. :)
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An alternative to ice nova trap would be lightning trap with chain and multiple traps - it is a crazy fast way to spread EE all across the place and works pretty fine.
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