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[1.1.0] Endgame Incinerate Totem Guide w Videos (Level 91, 57k dps, 8.6k life, 187/116 IIR/IIQ)

threvor wrote:
so is this build stil viable? ;> i want to try it out but seems there are some changes to spell totems so i was curious what do you think about this build on current version of the game :)

It's plenty viable, yes.

Yesterday I just did a GMP Residence Map. Boss was a bit rough, but my damage was fine.
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I just made a video describing my comparison of Incinerate Totem v Flame Totem:

Totem Stats from the youtube video


1024.1 corrected tooltip dps = 4096.3 total dps (with 3 incinerate stacks, after 1.85s)
60 range (84 with 20q)
43 mana

Flame Totem

2953 tooltip dps
100 range
99 mana
+1 support gem

I tend towards Incinerate Totem. I prefer damage with ramp-up time, because I use Frost Walls to protect my totems. Also, I can just about spam Incinerate Totems (not that that’s a good idea), whereas Flame Totems require me giving my mana pool some time to recover.

I made a post on reddit about it - didn't get a lot of attention though.

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Updated information for 1.1.0. Let me know if you see any info that's out of date now.
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The only problem with your comparison between the dps of flame totem and incinerate totem is that your build doesn't fully optimize the damage for flame totems. Flame totem has a much higher potential for higher dps if you go my route (crit + low life, end up with 10k or maybe greater damage (LMP, FC, Added Lightning, Crit Mult, Faster Projectiles) and have around 4.5k es with crappy es gear. You can easily achieve 7k+ es with a 400+ es shield + 400+ es helmet. [with a 105 point build using POEBuilder, I end up having 230+ Increase to Energy shield]

The only issue is that life builds are cheaper to play and I guess provides more survivability since you can regenerate life and use flasks. The mana cost to cast flame totems isn't an issue for me unless I link GMP where it'll increase the cost from 160-200ish to 300 per cast.

This build is still viable and is excellent for those who don't have that much funding. In my opinion, if you have a lot of currency to spare, you can make flame totems much better than incinerate totems.
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Here's the thing though - change your spec from what you're doing now to this:

All you'd lose is crit and area damage (which doesn't benefit either totem), and if you have 4.5k ES now, you can have 6930 with the spec I've outlined. You can be doing high level maps. You've just got the wrong totem for it.

There's nothing magical about crit that makes Flame Totem more dps - the only reason it looks that way for you is that you've taken so much unnecessary crit.
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Like I've said before, my passive tree was made for storm call but I found that it was lackluster. Here's the tree with a respec and at lvl 85:

I'll gain +71 percent fire damage and +42 spell damage which should boost my damage by around 1k? or more not sure.
this will also give me around 6k-7k es with an upgrade to a 400 es helmet and shield.

I have 700 percent crit multiplier and im doing 250 - 532 total spell damage (233-351 fire 10-181) before respecing and 10 cast per sec. If crit works by just multiplying the damage by the multiplier everytime you crit then I'd be doing 1750 - 3724 total spell damage. And even with only 20 ish percent crit chance with flame totems, I manage to crit close to 90 percent of the time on every single mob.
Point taken, if you're speccing crit, and don't want to play hardcore or maps without a crazy level of gear, then you're probably better served with Flame Totem. Any time you want a ton of crit, though, you've already decided against Incinerate.

My numbers do not include Righteous Fire, either. But I'm not okay with the understanding that if I run into chaos damage I just die. I'm too much a hardcore player at heart.
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Well, maps are possible once I get a shavs which is like 80 ex or so for a 5L. You don't really need a crazy level of gear to make it work. You'd probably only need to have at least 5K-6k es for endgame maps which shouldn't be too hard to achieve.

I'll admit that flame totems is pretty lackluster without crit and other stuff to boost its damage. Incinerate is probably a more cost efficient option if you don't have the currency to spend on at least a shavs. In my opinion, if you do have enough currency to spend, you can outperform incinerate totems.

jw does Karui Ward effect totems?
LuciferIAm wrote:
jw does Karui Ward effect totems?

It does.

AnaVite wrote:
Well, maps are possible once I get a shavs which is like 80 ex or so for a 5L. You don't really need a crazy level of gear to make it work.

Most people consider 80 ex to be a crazy level of gear, and you're not including other pieces you'd need. :)
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