T-Shirt Competition Final Results

Earlier this month we ran a T-Shirt Design Competition, with J!NX. We've previously announced the winners and have been in discussions with J!NX to work out which of the winning shirts we can have produced for the community to buy. Today, we have finalised the rough plan of what's going to be made.

Note that the decisions of which shirts are produced doesn't actually affect the results of what prizes people win. When decided the rules, we disassociated the decision of what shirts to produce from the prizes just in case we couldn't make any particular shirt (or come up with something loosely based on a submission). Thankfully the submissions were of amazing quality and we can make shirts that are very similar to them. Obviously a fair bit of art time is needed to make them high resolution and really awesome.

After consulting with J!NX about what shirts can be produced, we've decided to make:
a) Our first place winner, the Seven Class Exalted Orb Shirt.
b) A limited number of our second place winner, the Rhoa Polo Shirt. J!NX will stock this one based on demand. If it sells well, they'll consider producing more.
c) There's a possibility that we can produce shirts similar to some of the other submissions. This depends a lot on whether we can get the art to look good with the reduced number of colours that can printed on a shirt that will stand the test of time.

Thanks again for your participation in the competition. The entries were awesome and they're going to result in some amazing shirts for the community to wear!
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First. Really want one of the Rhoa shirts, will they be available in different colours?
RIP Bolto

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2nd -.- :( , I want a Splitt Arrow Microtransaction!
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Tarkleigh's Store was ok ((
Both are really nice. Can't wait to get one of those. :)
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Very cool
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I'm glad that the Seven Class Exalted Orb Shirt is being made. (:
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