[1.1.0] ShinyGyarados' Dual Flame Totem Templar

pacatino wrote:

Spork build is still avaible???

I don't play spark since the end of anarchy but I think that without RF up can take ages to clear end game maps
I am pretty much a PoE noob, so sorry for my questions if they are a bit stupid.

I started to play this build and I like it, my internet is not always the best and can be a little laggy by times, therefore it is good if totems tank and do the work and I can relax.

When it comes to equipment, what is most important for the stats.

I see the descriptions and right now GMP is not an option because I lack huge amounts of DEX.
I close to get the +30 DEX, so that should help.

What is most important stats wise on your build? What should I look out for?

Thx a lot, the build in fun and easy to play for me so far.

First of all I'm really new to this game, I started to play like 2 weeks ago, so maybe I'll ask some stupid questions. Also I have to say I tried many builds and characters, and found this one of the most entertaining aswell as it's pretty newbie friendly, so I thank you.
Also I ran through the topic, but I could miss some anwer for my questions.

Well, I have some questions about the build. While you made a really good passive tree levelling guide, other parts lack some informations. Like what flask do you suggest and why?
The gear section is not so good. It would be great to see what are the stats what we should looking for while greaing.
What's your opinion about Increased Burning Damage and Chance to Ignite gems?
How could you use 3 auras at the same time while you casting so mana hungry totems (especially with GMP ones)? Right now I can't use a 2nd aura with Clarity even if I have only LMP.
I'm planning on either respeccing my Dual Spork Totem build (Haven't touched it since the mass skill tree rework, nerfed it to the ground) for this, or run it as my new character in the new leagues. Either way though, I feel as if life is a waste on Dual Totem builds simply because they should be tanking the damage from the mobs. I think forgoing life for energy shield would be the better the choice here because it will open up several new doors previously inaccessible.

With this setup, I can start as either a Templar or a Witch. I still retain all of the damage nodes but I get rid of every life node and respec them into energy shield nodes. Doing so allows me to reroute the path quite a bit to get the mana reservation reduction node. This allows me to now run 3 auras with ease, and possibly a fourth depending on your gem setup. The thing to point out here is that you need to run 1 aura using blood magic to get your life below 35% to activate two things, Wonder Traps modifier - 100% Increased Rarity of Items Found when on Low Life, and the Keystone Pain Attunement - 30% more Spell Damage when on Low Life. Bam, you now have an instant 100% IIR, and you do 30% MORE spell damage with your fire totems while remaining relatively tanky.

The main con to this would chaos damage as it will wreck you instantly. You can reduce the chance of this by taking Clear Mind for two points. The second con is that your totems aren't as tanky as with your previous setup. I was unable to figure out a way to get the totem life/duration cluster under the Scion start without wasting a lot points. Maybe if you started as a Scion, but you will end up spending about 8 more points just to get it (down the resistance path) at the cost of the starting Templar and Witch nodes.

As for what auras to run, Clarity, Discipline, Any Purity Aura (Purity of Elements would be my choice), and if you can run a 4th, either Determination or Haste.

P.S. I realize this build is similar to mad4thrash, just without the crit/cast speed nodes. I think we had a similar idea creating this since we both had Dual Spork Totem builds before the hard nerfs. It followed the same concept as the build we posted, his more so than mine.

P.S.S. I made the modification on the spot without any real calculations so I could be entirely wrong on life vs energy shield. I just prefer using Pain Attunement with Wonder Trap for better damage + IIR. Thoughts?
Let me bend your ear for a moment
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what's your dps reprisal? I'm thinking of changing my build into that with the respec in march and using dual incinerate instead of flame totem
Hello, I appreciate the build man!!! I didn't know what to do with my then 78 Templar and this is Awesome!

Just a few things I did was go with/change is a Searing Touch because I use a Kaoms so a 5L/6L is a MUST until something crazy better comes along. Also I went around past IRONWOOD for UNWAVERING STANCE (being stunned is Death! ) because it opens the 2- 12%Life nodes and the ARSONIST fire damage circle. I did also take the 15% TOTEM RANGE because my totems start firing up 1/2 sec sooner and are Full Blast at 100 range with the 1pt used. Back to the ST I use Blood Magic to basically cast as many times as needed back to back. This allows me to use 3 Auras which are Determination/Vitality/Purity of Elements (more group useful). I CURSE with ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS because I don't care about a chance to burn with flammability, and again, more group useful. Using a BM gem in my ST to cast totems, I went up past SHAPER for the 1% life regen (worth it alone imo even though the 40%mana regen is useless for me). I use FIRE TRAP and LEAPSLAM also. Everything else is all the same basic build. At 79 now I'm soloing 74 maps with ease and pretty fast also! I just started getting in some 75/76 groups. Again no problems.

here's my current spec:


and my gear ( still working on upgrading it) :

My Totem Dps is 2759 at lvl79 atm.

BAKE is his name and he's a Badass Flame Totem 79 Templar atm lol !

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Oh yes and 1 more thing I forgot to say is I went to a LMP gem. I find that the higher Dps with it over GMP is very useful when mapping. It's better Dps on single targets too like....BOSSES!!! Also there's TON's of hallways, tight areas and Cells ect....that may make LMP by Far the better choice !
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I just want to say that this is really a great build and I have followed OP's passive skill tree node by node. Managed to beat Dominus at Merciless at level 67 with a 5 link flame totem. Other than a 10% flame totem gem, other gems are non-quality and dps on paper is around 1500. Majority of the 8% totem damage nodes are not taken either.

Key challenges encountered:
- merciless sewers
- merciless sceptre of god and dominus (needs a lot of warping)

Thanks Shinygyarados!
I really love this build, I had a lot of fun - slowly leveling my char to lvl ~55 or something.

I was wondering, in the skill tree, do the "+ spell dmg" nodes increase the dmg of the totem? Because the "spell" is just placing the totem and the totem is not really casting a spell, right?

Otherwise that would be a ton of points that can be used otherwise.

PS: Might be stupid question - I am a noob! :)
Leanfear wrote:
I really love this build, I had a lot of fun - slowly leveling my char to lvl ~55 or something.

I was wondering, in the skill tree, do the "+ spell dmg" nodes increase the dmg of the totem? Because the "spell" is just placing the totem and the totem is not really casting a spell, right?

Otherwise that would be a ton of points that can be used otherwise.

PS: Might be stupid question - I am a noob! :)
Spell Damage should affect the damage totems deal, as the totems themselves are casting a spell.

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