1 hand wep 100k dps

Those go for around 80-90 ex right now
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dude.. id dondt know what to say.. "there are no meaning how much attacks u perform for second, its already calculated." what the fuck do u mean by this it doesnt make sense.. u say.. "it doesnt matter haow often u hit an enemy because its allready calculated" ????? hee??

well.. no problem.. im making shit lots of damage(..more than u) and i dondt care what u say.. its possible to have big dps and because ITS MAGIC!! ;) weeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa ;)) ..

well sorry for that answer not trying to be inlotie(hahah i mean impolite shit to much beer) but u just wrote ...crap... sorry for that

and of course my equipment is like 60-80ex if u wanna buy all the stuff right now..but only if its bro-deal
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50k DPS

Invasion - No Sacrifice No Glory

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the 6l damage equiv on a bor plus the 20 -30 physical damage is a HUGE damage boost, to any build.

pretty much buffs any high aps 1 hander in into a non bor 2 hander dps range.

and crit is always tasty

double strike with melee splash

mazul wrote:
Stt3r0 wrote:
400 dps dagger , +physical on gear , abysseus for lets say 600 dps weapon damage
300% dagger/1h increased physical damage from passives / gems
"more melee damage" x1,49
"more melee damage on full life" x1,49
"added fire damage and hatered" - x(1+0,39+0,36)
"multistrike" x2,07 x0,64
"Faster attacks" & attack speed passives / gear x2
"Double strike" x2 x0,7
This would be cap dps for non crit ... you get 90% crit chance with daggers without issues and crit mult 6x?
200k dps+

Sorry but if you go daggers, your AoE skill will be the 6-linked one, not your single target skill.

Your example is the one of a 6-linked single target skill.

We were talking about single target dps - even if then MS wont cut it down it under 100k.
Cheers amksoljanka

double strike with melee splash

nice chance and multy

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well Lightning strike is also single target.. and multi target and all target.. no matter whats moving will die .. so same single as massmurder dps
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1 handers in general? yeah even 500k dps is possible on crit dagger builds with a mirror dagger.

Dont worry too much about dps, enjoy the game, play a bit, get a feel, 15k dps is enough for solo play anyway with melee. Life and armor / res / tankiness >>>>

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