Nemesis One Week Race

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

This one week race is parented to the Nemesis League. Once the race is complete, characters will be transferred to Nemesis.

This is a hardcore league. Characters who die will be transferred to Standard league. Dead characters will NOT be eligible for prizes.

This league has the mods of both Domination and Nemesis:

Rare monsters each have a Nemesis mod.

Powerful shrines can affect both monsters and you.

This is part of the challenge leagues, so you can complete challenges in this race.

The top twenty players by experience will receive 2 Demigod's Touch unique items.

The next twenty players by experience will receive 1 Demigod's Touch unique item.

The trading thread for this race can be found here.

Edit: We've pushed this race back by one day to avoid people's New Year celebrations. Sorry about the inconvenience!

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A trade thread has since been created here.

Congratulations everyone!

It was a great race. I'll try gather and write up some stats for it, but right now there is one I am very pleased with.

Each race I look at how many places before we get each class represented. In this race that number is 11, and for much of the race it was the top eight.

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