1.0.2b Patch Notes

ausdevi wrote:
fixing nerfed Map Drops?

it would be great
Does "The Righteous Fire aura is now correctly tagged as area damage" mean Righteous Fire work with Concentrated Effect now?
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Is there someway you guys can host the patch notes on a server that doesn't go down for maintenance when you patch that game? Would be nice.

^^ THIS.

If we can't play, at least we can browse stuff in the forums.
worm211 wrote:
Does "The Righteous Fire aura is now correctly tagged as area damage" mean Righteous Fire work with Concentrated Effect now?

Yes, and the area damage from the passive tree.
How about fixing the bug that isn't allowing the patch to install via Steam? That seems like a shortsighted and critical error on the company dollar. You may want to fix this, as I've attempted to re-install 4 times now and it STILL won't let me play and claims I'm 'missing a patch'.

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Completed 9 ChallengesAux wrote:
Very painful to see the further nerfing of Viper Strike without any way to "specialize" in the damage type, be it support gems or talents.

This is another sad day. My hopes of using this skill are further dwindling.

Yeah I have been hoping to try and use viper strike in place of double strike with melee splash. I think it's going to be like winning the lotto to see that any of the nodes to scale it will be anywhere near my build. :/ wish they could just buff the skill itself like make it interact/ scale with phys dmg or something like that. But that would be my bringers wet dream. so yeah hope to win the lotto and then be able to spare the points needed to get those nodes. :)

Anyways very happy to see the packs selling so well and I bet the stash tab sales weren't to shabby either over the weekend<3 good job GGG you deserve it!

P.S it be hard 2 get dem +1-2 maps to drop yo. RNG = to stronk
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Completed 9 ChallengesAux wrote:
Very painful to see the further nerfing of Viper Strike without any way to "specialize" in the damage type, be it support gems or talents.

Agree wholeheartedly. For a "released" title to release an incomplete re-work of DoT mechanics that breaks skills/builds is one of the poorest "controllable" things I've seen from GGG (and I <3 the guys).

The DoT mechanical rework should have been held off until it was complete (passive tree changes and all) and the terminology relating to it cleared up across the game. My guess is that GGG have pressured themselves (via well intentioned declarations) to release content within a given time frame.

Personally, I would prefer them to revisit their "content release every 2 weeks" statement, so that it is simple "new content released when ready". This removes the public expectation, is more manageable for the GGG developers work/life balance and allows them to fully flesh out the content before releasing.

My .02 (hope it was constructive). :)

PS - I'm also finding the entire "what does/doesn't apply to DoTs" rather unclear, perhaps GGG need to release some sort of "matrix chart" showing precisely what modifiers apply to which skills.
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Completed 1 ChallengeQarl wrote:
  • The Melee Splash damage penalty is no longer specifically attack damage.

Sneaky Infernal Blow nerf. And I bet we won't see any skill nodes coming to compensate for that. Just a straight up 30% damage nerf out of nowhere.
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Are you guys sure the melee splashed corpse explosions are calculated using the modifiers on your infernal blow?
Completed 9 ChallengesAux wrote:
Very painful to see the further nerfing of Viper Strike without any way to "specialize" in the damage type, be it support gems or talents.

Didn't Chris intimate there may be chaos damage increase nodes forthcoming?

Charan, nerfing a skill BEFORE its nodes for proper damage maintenance comes out is bad business. apply nerfs when the nodes come for proper scaling so the skill can still be usable, even if its temporarily op. Viper isnt even op without nerfing, because it doesnt even have a method to increase yet. aside from dual redbeak crazies that have shiny orbs for shavs.

viper strike aside, the fact that a level 18 fire trap unmodified (243.4, 20 is 296.0) has more base dot than unmodified 20 poison arrow isnt comforting either, seeing as fire trap ground can be modified now by burning, fire, elemental, and concentrated aoe as well as the aoe nodes.

pre nerfs hurt gameplay with the selected skills. dun do it. yah did it to my fire trap, and i hadto wait for the dot patch to actually be able to have fun using my main char again because i had no party damage anymore (not one for running maps alone endgame to reclaim said damage).

What i liked about Patch
That aside, i loved the patch otherwise. Puncture is working nicely as a ranged or melee skill, fire trap and searing bond are as badass as ever,

Rant, no opinions allowed
and sadly build variety went up without anyone noticing yet again because im still seeing newby LA and spark totem builds being made. seriously do yall actually look at your damage output compared to what you could be doing or everyone else? AT LEAST take a fire totem over that shitty spark totem dammit. you want shock, stick an added lightning gem on it and take totem + elemental nodes, grab the shock chance nodes and lightning nodes, and add an ignite gem for the heluva it. Got that? Flame totem + added light + ignite + whateva the hell u want, cuz thats the same result. LA + GMP is not a valid build! no damage in 6 party! its only a build if you use blackgleam quiver + weapon elemental gem. make me wanna tear my eyes out i swear watching you spam that thinking the shock standalone means its good!

Bellow is for nerdlings only
comments on my free time will be ignored
PA stats
level 20 gems: 137% projectile nodes, 19% faster proj, 27% slower proj, and 69% more from conc aoe. thats a 2.83 mod with 1.69 mult = 4.78 mod * 222.2 = 1062.71~ possible currently

Fire trap ground stats
personal char: 208% burn (gear+gem+passives), 20% aoe nodes, 125% elemental + fire, 79% trap, 41% fire gear, conc aoe 54% more. 5.73 mod with 1.54 mult. take out 70% searing for fairness. 5.03 * 1.54 = 7.7462 * 296 = 2292.87. gems are not maxed, nor all possible damage gained through mines, trap/mine nodes (they apply twice if u have both btw)

Comparison to estimated future values. could be simple dot nodes, could be chaos dot nodes.
80% burn passive : 50-70% dot/chaos passive
59% max burn gem : 30-50% dot/chaos passive
Fire node buffs > Projectile node buffs

neither of those include +2 level past 20 stats from empower or gear (used fire trap 18+2 from searing touch). no curses used. the only way to get anywhere near the same modifier is to link to a trap or mine and grab all the nodes, which shouldnt be necessary considering how damn fine puncture is now standalone on bows.

not to mention if the nodes are dot generic, fire trap is also getting another buff. and i didnt include the 5k+ dps from an ignition of target on actual explosion.

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