ice bite is broken.

I will make a really simple example.

A weapon has 100 damage with 1.0 attacks per second, all physical.

You have a 20% hatred turned on, and somehow have only one passive, and that is ice bite.

How much does it hit for?

So 100 + 20 + what?

It seemingly should be 30% of 20.
And in that case, it will be exactly that.

What I am saying is that it is definitely lower than that, by a factor of 3 or 4.
That's because you don't have that case. You have a bunch of increased physical damage, which stacks additively with the increased cold damage for the damage from Hatred.

Here's a more complicated example that is closer to your actual case.

You have a weapon with 100 base physical damage.
You have Hatred active for 20% of physical damage added as cold.
You have 100% increased physical damage from passives.
You have 30% increased cold damage with weapons from Ice Bite.

You have 100 base physical damage, increased by 100% increase to give 200 physical damage.
You have 20 base cold converted form physical damage, increased by 130%, because the modifiers stack additively, to give 46 cold.
Final damage: 200 physical, 46 cold.

If you didn't have Ice Bite, it would only be increased by 100%, and thus you'd have 40 cold damage. The reason the 46 damage with Ice Bite isn't 30% more than the 40 damage without it is that you also have another 100% increased damage in both cases. Going from 0% increase to 30% increase is a more significant change than going from 100% increase to 130%.
Just like how going from 0% increase to 100% is doubling, where going from 100% increase to 200% isn't.

The more increased damage bonuses you have on any given damage, the less impactful further such bonuses - including Ice Bite - are on that same damage, because they all stack additively.
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