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Moose65 wrote:
netreader01 wrote:
Lochtonial Caress item didn't work at animate guardian.
I wanted my guardian to share his charges for me but it didn't work.
Yes, I saw he got frenzy, power, endurance charges just for himself.
Can anyone tell me why it doesn't work?

Glad you posted this before I tried, and there is no reason it shouldn't work.
Yes there is. Conduit shares charges with party members. The Guardian, like other minions, is an ally in that it's on your side, but it is never a member of your party.
That's the major drawback of the skill, unfortunately. Beside that, it's kinda stupid that you effectivly can't use the skill on high level maps AT ALL, unless you go back and get some lower level items in, say, the Library first. ilvl73 is max without Empower, like what? There's no other skill in the game that has his kind of restriction
This is being looked at. We're not going to change it as a knee-jerk reaction, but are looking at potential improvements to the skill, including looking at the level requirement.
Teriderol wrote:
The gem is a great item sink and really supportive if you go ranged and squishy. However, it would be great if also other stats beside +x to Maximum life or +x% increased Attack Speed would carry over, so that it wont use your defenses.
And yes, if you give it a complete set of rares, you prolly looses a few alterations vendoring it, but it won't die so fast.

- use item stats from items placed upon it (including movement speed and energy shield)
It does get all the stats of the items you make it from. That's pretty much the entire point of the skill, and what allows for customisation (by using uniques or aiming for certain affixes such as resistance).

This is one of the sources of issues with the skill, since it can be very good with carefully chosen items, but people are wanting it to also be good with just whatever they happen to find. We're looking into ways to raise it's effectiveness when used with sub-par gear without making it too powerful when you put effort into it's build.
B_L_3_E_D wrote:
wiki says animated guardian only has 72 hp at level 20.
Actually, the wiki is saying that the value of "% increased maximum life" on the gem is 76 (it's 72 at level 19). Whoever puts that on the wiki could certainly have made it more clear.

The base life which is increased by this is shown in Rory's spreadsheet that Vipermagi linked.
Vincendra wrote:
when using necro. aegis, does AG doubledip from shields ? how is NA handled with AG?
The Guardian has the stats of any shield it has equipped, as well as the stats of a shield you have equipped if you have Necromantic Aegis. This allows it the stats of two shields at once. some unique shields can be quite powerful when doubled up this way.
geffreyy wrote:
If you try to change the socket in which the gem is placed then it gets desummoned and you lose your items. If you log out, you lose your items.
No, you only loose items if it dies.

In both the cases you list you can resummon it with all it's current items (after you've re-equipped the gem or logged back in, of course) by targeting the skill on an empty piece of ground.
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geffreyy wrote:
soul4hdwn wrote:
geffreyy wrote:
If socket onto an item the support gem cast on damage taken, along with a spell gem linked, and then give that item to my animated guardian will the animated guardian cast the spell on damage taken?

I don't understand why it doesn't work, or wouldn't work.
Because Animate Guardian is a spell, and the only effect Cast on X support gems can have on spells is to cast them when the trigger occurs. That's fundamentally what happens when you socket a spell with a trigger gem.
Socketing Animate Guardian with Cast on Damage taken means that you'll cast Animate Guardian when you take damage.
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silumit wrote:
the guardian is bound to gem, not character...
Incorrect. The guardian is bound to the character which summoned him, not a specific gem used to do so.
If you summon a guardian with high level gear and then swap to a low level gem, it won't be able to summon with that gear.
If at least one item is usable by the lower level gem, it will be resummonable, but will fail to use the other gear which is over it's level restriction. However unless you add more gear to replace it, it will still have the high level gear stored and can use it with a higher level gem.
orionsky wrote:
My son has succeed in making a very viable animate guardian. It costs him a few Chaos but up to lvl 78 dungeons, almost nothing can kill it if he doesn't ignore it. But if he (the player) dies, even when the guardian is at full health when he releases, it always vanishes and he loses all the items he put on it. I have observed it occur three times.

Is that by design? If so, I feel its not very conducive to enjoyable game-play.
Nothing in the game code kills the Guardian on player death - it's quite possible for it to survive and kill the monster that killed you.
If it's dying quickly after the player dies, this may be because the player is running defensive auras that it can no longer benefit from, thus reducing it's tankiness.

It will leave the instance when you do, so clicking the resurrect button quickly after death should pull it from the instance quickly, and thus hopefully before it dies.

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