Supporter Pack upgrades, Raptr Q&A, upcoming Build of the Week season and new Passive Skills

Today's news post covers many topics, including ways to upgrade your Open Beta Supporter Packs, information of the Raptr Q&A (Wednesday, US time), confirmation that the Build of the Week series is returning and some new Passive Skills we can talk about.

Samantha from our Support department asked me to mention that Supporter Packs can be upgraded manually if you're looking to jump to a higher tier. You can also make some upgrades automatically from your profile page. We also support payment plans for people who aren't quite able to afford a larger pack just yet but want to make sure they get one eventually. The last date for ordering the Open Beta packs is October 23, so you'd need to make arrangements with Support before then if you'd like to receive one. If you're interested, just email! Thanks again for your generous contributions - they make this all possible.

Raptr are running a Path of Exile Q&A on Wednesday (US time). The basic idea is that community members submit questions and like the ones that they want to see answered. We will come by frequently to answer them throughout the day. I'm looking forward to spending a chunk of my workday answering questions. There are some prizes (packs of 200 microtransaction points) given out to the best questions, so make sure to ask ones that are interesting to a lot of people and not too narrow.

During Path of Exile's Closed Beta we ran a video series called Build of the Week. We're bringing it back for Path of Exile's release later this month! BotW Season Two will start with one developer-created build showcasing some of the new tricks that are possible with the Scion character class. We're expecting to showcase a specific type of player build from the community in each episode (for example, good beginner builds, MF farming builds, PvP builds, CTF team builds, end-game map builds) and we will request builds that fit these categories when planning each episode.

We're intending to post a page of information tomorrow about the upcoming Release. It's not insanely detailed (more of an overall summary) and generally repeats information that people already know if they've read every single interview we did last week. It will serve as a good on-site reference for the new information without being too overwhelming for new users. Over the next couple of weeks we'll drill down into more detail about each specific area.

The passive skill tree in the 1.0.0 version of Path of Exile includes at least 30 passive skills that augment either Traps, Mines or Totems! Rory tells me "Some special effects of some of the Notables include increased totem placement speed, trap and mines are protected from damage for 5 seconds after being thrown, and your Mine detonation is instant". I'm looking forward to it!

Remember that Anarchy and Onslaught leagues end tomorrow!
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So glad you're bringing back the Build of the Week series! I loved watching those. Got me into the game more than anything else.
oh my :3
Looking forward to seeing the return of build of the week
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same here, i started playing poe because i liked a gmp fireball witch build i saw. when i actually tried it i saw it was doing a pitiful 800 dps and had no survivalbility.

regardless it was a good learning experience.
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All this 1.0.0 prep is extremely exciting. I just can't hold it in :P. Also, I loved Build of the Week back in CB, Release BotW is going to rock.
El Psy Congroo.
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I love being able to post heaps of news because nothing is secret anymore :D

Brb dinner.
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Can't wait for more details on the passive tree!!
yes yes yes!! finally noticable mine upgrade!!!! my build now is perfect :)
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