We players want an auction house

vixien wrote:
No, "We" players don't. In future topics, please leave me out of your over generalized statements. Thank you.
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You'd better have solid statistics to back this up. I don't think a majority of PoE players would ever want a D3 style AH. AH? We don't need no stinkin AH! Please GGG... no commodity game here.

I personally hated the AH and RMAH in D3. It encouraged the bot farmers and made finding great gear via playing D3 next to impossible. Then when the bots had run 24/7 for months and months the economy was in shambles with runaway inflation.

I say an emphatic NO to an in-game auction house.

I say yes to Chris' original idea of having a browser based auction site. That way you won't have to run PoE and log in just to look for items. That should also help on the game servers processing load which gets worse with each new spell, totem, trap, etc. that has to be server side processed.

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Hell to the no. AH ruined D3, it will ruin this game.
TheWretch wrote:
jewellian wrote:
id like one

I heard theres an ARPG that has one, you should check it out, perhaps its more your speed
I don't want an auction house. So your statement is false.

This is an action game; not a trading game.
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Reinhart wrote:

This is an action game; not a trading game.


sadly u have to waste your whole day trying to make some trades insteand of playing the action game
Reinhart wrote:
I don't want an auction house. So your statement is false.

This is an action game; not a trading game.

Well, this just got interesting.

In a twilight zone kind of way.
Casually casual.

So long as any "auction house" allows for the mutually beneficial exchange of any items in a true "barter" or swap-shop style, I'm cool with it.

If it's just an "items for orbs" trade then you might as well add gold back into the game and call it Diablo 3b.

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no WE don't
Don't need an auction house, need a seperate solution to fucking bullshit trade channel.

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