We players want an auction house

I need to get laid.

About the auctionhouse: I don't care.
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Shagsbeard wrote:
I want a Grand Bazaar. I want to see people selling stuff. I want fights to break out. I want insults hurled.

Until then, I'll play strictly solo.

haha ok, this idea is better, would be a lot of fun!
ibase wrote:
jewellian wrote:
id like one

out of 10 bad guys 1 good one appear!

natural selection

Don't fear, reinforcements are coming in masses.

As D3 turns more loot-find and less shop, the mass exodus will swarm on PoE as the new shopping game. You can bet you will have many allies.
Casually casual.

I don't want that shit fuck you.
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worst idea ever.

I mean , they removing it from D3, and you still think its a good idea? seriously?

Another fish joining the sea of ignorance...
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Maybe you should check my suggestion for a new item trading system:
Its not like the auction house in D3 but makes trading much easier! Not faster like an auction house but much less time consuming than trade chats. Gimme your thoughts in this thread!
vixien wrote:
No, "We" players don't. In future topics, please leave me out of your over generalized statements. Thank you.
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vixien wrote:
No, "We" players don't. In future topics, please leave me out of your over generalized statements. Thank you.
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look i want an easier way to trade then to spam the same things over and over and over and a thread doesn't do the job sorry. if you guys wanna spam then leave that in and spam all day but id like to play the game and trade at the same time not play the game or sit their for hours trading. a AH seems good but i feel they should change it idk improve on it i don't really want a AH because that would mess up prices and everything will become to standardized and hard to trade plus currency would be weird (games like runescape and stuff like that do good with a AH since there is only 1 currency and thats just gold coins but poe isn't just 1 currency)

but keep in mind i dont hate AH i just want one that would be better suited for the game maybe like you can trade through the forums (people list b/o on items if they want and if you want to buy it then you like right click and press b/o and money goes from your account to theirs and you get the item without them being online or something so that forum trading is easier!
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