Vulnerability + half regen + ES?

Lord_of_Error wrote:
Neither Shavronne's Revelation nor ZO should be affected by Vulnerability. The two relevant effects of Vulnerability for ES are
(1) Cursed enemies have x% increased Energy Shield recharge delay,
(2) Cursed enemies have x% reduced Energy Shield recharge rate.
The keyword here is ES recharge, we are talking about the base recharge of ES after taking no damage for some time.

Lord_of_Error wrote:
Then we have the map mod, which states
(*) players recover life, mana and energy shield 50% slower
Afaik your ring isn't affected again, if that is true the wording here imo isn't precise enough since the ring was added to the game. The phrase "life recovery" covers flasks, regen and leech, but "ES recovery" doesn't cover ES regen
How are you coming to the conclusion that ES recovery doesn't include regneration? Regeneration is a form of recovery, for everything, including ES. Anything that is giving you ES is ES recovery. That includes leech, regeneration, recharge, gain on hit, or anything else that is causing the amount of your current ES to rise.
Lord_of_Error wrote:
To your last question, "54% increased energy shield recharge delay" could be just another wording for "54% reduced energy shield recharge recovery", that way it would be additive with your 50% increase, resulting in 4% reduced recharge recovery --> 6/0.96 = 6.25s recharge delay. If it actually is a different stat (which the different wording kinda implies), it would be multiplicative, resulting in 4*1.54 = 6.16s recharge delay.
There is no such thing as "recharge recovery" so I'm not sure where you got that from. Based on what mvm199 said, he appears to be talking about having a 54% modifier to the delay, and a 50% modifier to the recovery. Those stats don't, and can't stack in any way, because they're fundamentally affecting different things. One is affecting the delay, and one is affecting the recharge that happens after the delay.
Think of it as one thing affecting how long you have to count down for before launching a rocket, and the other affecting how fast the rocket flies when it's launched.

It does appear that Vulnerability is using a different stat description that is out of date and not technically correct, so I will make a note to have that updated to match the same stat in the tree.
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