[The Goddess Swords Discussion] 19th Jan, 2018: Volume has been fixed; Writing The Goddess

Completed 24 Challengesadghar wrote:

As for my Oni-Goroshtory - I've finally beaten story mode with Her! Yay! Then I ran into troubles with defences... I was getting murdered by weak monsters in Tier 3 Maps. I've bought a Perfect Form and am hoping this will help a bit.

Although I could avoid most deaths, I feel a bit squishy as well. Damage isn't that much of a problem, but I'm getting hit hard.

Depends on build i guess. And gear.
Mikrotherion wrote:
How do you do that?

Everything is relative buddy. I found some good swords, believe it or not. And that wretched tiki ammy.

What is pathetic is I am doing it strictly on a very PT basis. I was playing in Abyss most of yesterday with occasional breaks to do sword runs. Otherwise I would go insane, trust me. I'm not patient.

I wanna do a flicker but I'm about to give up and just buy the thing. Only thing that stops me is I am still seeking a few more challenges in league and leveling up a new character would effectively put that on hold of course.
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Still no volume adjustment? I'm really waiting for one to play up a character with this sword.
What sort of build will you be doing?
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Head_Less wrote:

I was at 8.60% when Mine dropped lol

Wow... that must have taken forever.

If you seek Her she will come (after weeks and weeks of grinding)
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2nd run with level 7, the hillock fight with it is really well done.
If the music does keep playing after Rose and Thorn are dead, it might be worth a bug report.

I can confirm that it continues to play after the death of the bosses, had the map from Zana in abyss while weekending.
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is it quicker to kill all the zombies ect or just to do hillhock over and over from lvl 1?
Completed 6 ChallengesBazztastic wrote:
is it quicker to kill all the zombies ect or just to do hillhock over and over from lvl 1?

You absolutely want to kill all the zombies until at least level 6, and probably level 7.
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I'm actually avoiding all zombies and stuff. Want to get her with a level 6 char. :D
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