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If the 'Rule of Two' is referring to the Star Wars quote/Sith law, this is what we should be considering:

"This is the Rule of Two: One Sith must contain all the power of the dark side. One Master must decide how that power should be used." - Darth Bane.

Conventional interpretation here is that this 'Rule' states that there must always be a Sith Master and a Sith Apprentice - any other dark force users in cahoots with either the master or apprentice are not in themselves Sith (in other words, all Sith are dark force users, but not all dark force users are Sith.)

Personally, I interpret this quote as saying that there must always be at least one Sith, and up to two at maximum, with one of these always being the Master.

How do I see this potentially pertaining to the riddle? Well, we could be looking for any numbers of items for the final stanza.. but if we hold to both it having to do with this Rule of Two and the last stanza referring to gems, I would personally be checking combinations of gems where either one gem is both quality and leveled, or two gems where one is quality and the other is leveled. Unfortunately, this is still a broad problem scope as specific gems may be required for either property, OR it may not matter which of the two gems is which.
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Rule of two..

One vaaled, one not. Good/evil. Works with Rhys comment the recipe is evil too.
Remember the rule of two clue has to make sense in the context of "All imperfect sums of two".
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Thinking about this hasn't gotten us anywhere for what, four months? Time to forget it and move on.
Shagsbeard wrote:
Thinking about this hasn't gotten us anywhere for what, four months? Time to forget it and move on.

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Hackusations wrote:
For example, a 3/3 Blind, 6/6 Added Fire, 6/6 Critical Strike Chance, etc...

I agree with it. It was suggested right before Rhys' new clue, but this seems worth a try.
I don't have a damn 6L Exquisite Blade, if I had, I would be testing all the time.

"The Rule of Two" is a good one.

Three to help, each matured,
all beloved by the third,
All imperfect sums of 'The Rule of Two'."

What if we need the gems as suggested by @Hackusations (3/3, 6/6, 9/9, etc.) but in pairs (corrupted and non-corrupted)?

Blind 3/3 Corrupted
Blind 3/3 Non-Corrupted
Increased Critical Strikes 6/6 Corrupted
Increased Critical Strikes 6/6 Non-Corrupted
Added Fire Damage 9/9 Corrupted
Added Fire Damage 9/9 Non-Corrupted
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Shagsbeard wrote:
Thinking about this hasn't gotten us anywhere for what, four months? Time to forget it and move on.

There will always be someone trying to find what the riddle means. You don't have to that someone. You can do like me and take some popcorn.
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Shagsbeard wrote:
Thinking about this hasn't gotten us anywhere for what, four months? Time to forget it and move on.

A large part of the issue is the sheer number of users who:

a) Neglect to read anything other than the riddle, and post their thoughts on its meaning as blindly as possible.

This causes the same tried and tired solutions to circulate once every 20 pages or so. It's boggling to watch and frustrating to follow, when once every 20 pages someone wanders in and trips the whole topic's train of thought, causing people to relapse old information again, assume by their confidence in posting that "they may be on to something," and we start over again while getting nowhere.

Same thing every 20 pages. We aren't getting anywhere, because...

b) Neglect to actually try any of the proposed recipes, and neglect to record the ones that have failed.

This is in part because there's no really organized local to do this. It should be the topic itself, but I haven't seen someone rich try out every listed recipe, let alone anyone work with what they have.

I'll admit my selfishness in saying this, and I may very well just not be following the topic that closely lately myself. I tried my own theories, and they failed, so I moved on. But in the past several pages, how many times have people posted pictures of recipes not working? Has anyone kept a list of these? Has anyone actually tried the numbskull hit-and-run "I KNOW WHAT IT IS" theories that have shown up every 20 pages, to show that no, they don't work?

I could pin part of the blame on Charan -- some documents we started a hundred pages ago were never really put in the opening post, where one might go to see these things readily available. Nobody realistically wants to read 400 pages of mind-boggling assumptions without proof. Nobody wants to keep track, they just want the reward.

But ultimately, I feel bad for Charan, and I feel especially bad for Rhys. How frustrating must it be to almost definitely see people come super duper close to solving the riddle, only for one of those once-every-20-pages "I KNOW WHAT IT IS LOOK AT ME" posts to derail everything and confuse people? We have no proof that every one of them is wrong. At best, I have proof that my own assumptions were wrong. Rhys' recent hints inspired me to think about the riddle again -- but what's the point in guessing if nobody wants to try?

This topic is a mess, and I'm equally at fault just sitting here and pointing out its flaws.


Charan: Is it alright if I just went and started a new topic dedicated to testing theories and recording attempts? I'm at work at the moment so it wouldn't happen right away, but someone needs to at this point. We're getting nowhere fast.
Izaro was recently a bro to me. Damnit GGG giving us so many reason to lab run.

So, uh, now the hard part I guess.

I am way too late and bad at riddles to have any guesses.

EDIT: I'm going to guess anyways. Well there be my guess. If you want me to try anything send me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

Three to wield-requires three hands, goddess + 1 handed sword
pure and fine,-white one handed sword, both 20% quality
Eclipse eternal-blind gem must be socketed in eternal sword. Gems must be socketed?
to align Exquisite full and true.-gems and links must match


Three to save-save currency, 3 different types
risk reward-currency can either break your item or make it better
Two exalt and one encored-fuse (encored + exalt) jeweler (exalt) chrom (neither exalt or encored). OR fuse (encored) jeweler (exalt) blessed (exalt).
Counting all in equal due-They all stack up to 20? alt, blessed, chance, chrom, jewel, fuse

Trivial to brute force-IDK, requiring full stacks maybe?


Three to help, each matured,-3 support gems, at least level 2
All beloved by the third,-third being goddess unleashed. Gems need to be on unleashed.
All imperfect sums of two.-two being goddess scorned. added fire, melee physical, and crit chance were added. Imperfect sums, purity of fire, less duration, added fire?
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Ouch, seems like noone is interested or trying anymore?
It's sad, but I can understand that, since the recipe - almost guaranteed - asks for a 6L Exquisite, most people don't bother much anymore - myself included...
I don't even have a 6L apart from Tabula, I just don't feel like throwing fusings at my Exquisite to see if I hit the jackpot and then start trying vendoring things and luckly find a solution to the riddle.
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