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We were told that this recipe checks for objects in a way that no other recipe has checked.

We are also told "one encored", my conclusion is then:

One of the gems required, or perhaps the only gem required may need to be in a socket.

From what I've read thus far I haven't heard of this being tried.
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Just a reminder, Rhys corrected this stanza, due to a grammar error, now it reads:

"Two exalted, one encored"

This was changed back to "two exalt", check the first post.

No it wasn't, it's just that whenever Charan edits his first post, it reverts. It's "Two exalted, one encored". Neither actually make a difference, it's just the grammar and meter that change slightly.
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with help of 212 jewelers, 739 fusings and 193 chromatics (total 259c equiv) now i'm ready to search the recipe:

also my guess that recipe checks for exact quantity of orbs in stacks

I don't think it does - Rhys's most recent comment hints at this:

Rhys wrote:
I suppose I should emerge from my post-crunch lair of languor to throw another bone or two this way...

The first stanza has pretty much been figured out by the community.

The second stanza is similar, in the sense that the community has realized how trivial it is to brute-force, even though a hilariously large number of people are mistaken on certain specifics.

The third stanza, which is intentionally difficult, is still eluding most people. There have been some good guesses, and even one or two that would actually work perfectly well, if they hadn't been ignored.

The last line, in particular, has thrown people for a loop for longer than I expected. Mostly due to overthinking "imperfect sum" and being completely lost on "of two". I've given a few hints already on the latter, but I guess another is needed. Try thinking along the lines of "The Rule of Two".
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If the 'Rule of Two' is referring to the Star Wars quote/Sith law, this is what we should be considering:

"This is the Rule of Two: One Sith must contain all the power of the dark side. One Master must decide how that power should be used." - Darth Bane.

Conventional interpretation here is that this 'Rule' states that there must always be a Sith Master and a Sith Apprentice - any other dark force users in cahoots with either the master or apprentice are not in themselves Sith (in other words, all Sith are dark force users, but not all dark force users are Sith.)

Personally, I interpret this quote as saying that there must always be at least one Sith, and up to two at maximum, with one of these always being the Master.

How do I see this potentially pertaining to the riddle? Well, we could be looking for any numbers of items for the final stanza.. but if we hold to both it having to do with this Rule of Two and the last stanza referring to gems, I would personally be checking combinations of gems where either one gem is both quality and leveled, or two gems where one is quality and the other is leveled. Unfortunately, this is still a broad problem scope as specific gems may be required for either property, OR it may not matter which of the two gems is which.
Now I regret not having her say "UNLIMITED POWER!" and 'Wipe them out. All of them." when you equip her.
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Rule of two..

One vaaled, one not. Good/evil. Works with Rhys comment the recipe is evil too.
Remember the rule of two clue has to make sense in the context of "All imperfect sums of two".
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Thinking about this hasn't gotten us anywhere for what, four months? Time to forget it and move on.
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Thinking about this hasn't gotten us anywhere for what, four months? Time to forget it and move on.

"I won't forget you baaaby, I won't forget you!"

Enough music for today...
For example, a 3/3 Blind, 6/6 Added Fire, 6/6 Critical Strike Chance, etc...

I agree with it. It was suggested right before Rhys' new clue, but this seems worth a try.
I don't have a damn 6L Exquisite Blade, if I had, I would be testing all the time.

"The Rule of Two" is a good one.

Three to help, each matured,
all beloved by the third,
All imperfect sums of 'The Rule of Two'."

What if we need the gems as suggested by @Hackusations (3/3, 6/6, 9/9, etc.) but in pairs (corrupted and non-corrupted)?

Blind 3/3 Corrupted
Blind 3/3 Non-Corrupted
Increased Critical Strikes 6/6 Corrupted
Increased Critical Strikes 6/6 Non-Corrupted
Added Fire Damage 9/9 Corrupted
Added Fire Damage 9/9 Non-Corrupted
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Completed 16 ChallengesShagsbeard wrote:
Thinking about this hasn't gotten us anywhere for what, four months? Time to forget it and move on.

There will always be someone trying to find what the riddle means. You don't have to that someone. You can do like me and take some popcorn.
Please feel free to ignore any comment of mine that you dislike/disagree with, as I clearly have no clue what I am talking about.


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