[The Goddess Swords Discussion] 19th Jan, 2018: Volume has been fixed; Writing The Goddess

tobes111 wrote:
I've found the recipe :D

woo woo

Pics or didn't happen
FaceLicker wrote:
It wasn't an intentional troll. I was merely showing off the artwork.

@Charan - Is the image in the 1st post the finalized version of the item? I'll add the info to the wiki if it is. Unfortunately I can't access the min/max values just yet, but that will come soon hopefully.

It should be -- I asked Rory for a randomly rolled one on their internal testing realm, and thus it has the most up-to-date stats. But to be honest I've no real idea, so I guess I'll be surprised there too. I did ask for some tweaking of that moon-cross hilt (I dislike the one you linked, which is more 'complete' in the one I did) but whichever they used, I won't kick up a stink or anything.

edit: if you took it from the game files, then that's the one. Fair enough.

I know the min max values but can't reveal them. The devs like people to find these for themselves. I can say there are quite a few variable mods though, compared to Bound (which had the IPD and the evasion rating as variable; the rest were static I believe). Quite a few.
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Completed 17 ChallengesAux wrote:
I threw in a Rhoa feather into the mix, no luck.

I'm thinking you guys have the first line mixed up. This is what Ratanna and I think we have figured out.

Three so fine, one divine, and one a matching bruise,

This is the set of 3 swords, the one divine is the Goddess, and the matching bruise is the Goddess Bound--refer the flavor text: "An offwhite grin, an elegant bruise."


Precisely what I thought too. Not all four lines have to be recipe related.
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Fenyx_187 wrote:
I am sorry, but I guess I am out of the loop on your unique designs! As I understand it....
- you have made 3 swords
- 1 is already out and is a drop
- 2 just came out and can be obtained through a vendor recipe
- 3 is still in the works

They are intended to use together while leveling.

If so I think this is pretty damn clever and 'unique'.
Could you please elaborate!

This is the antithesis of "unique" by definition.

I sense sarcasm, also this was my point.

What's not unique about it? He's making a series. Seems awesome to me.

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Three so fine, one divine, and one a matching bruise,

3 Q20 Goddess Bound swords, 1 Divine Orb, and 1 (Facebreaker???) Cant figure out the matching bruise yet... prolly something I'm completely overlooking...

Edit----2 Goddess bound swords and a divine orb?
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And yes, this thread is all about the rich guy's unique.

so its a unique you can only get as a recipe? im sure i already seen that weapon in trade chat.

so what is all this talk about this unique? its nothing new.

You've seen the item I pasted in the OP in trade chat? Interesting.

Yeah, I think he's just herping a derp.

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I feel comfortable saying that I'm quite certain it isn't 3x Goddess Bounds.
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Sadly I have arrived late to the party. I had work and stuff :)

Anyone want to give me a summary of what happened? It's too hard for me to tell who posted what and who edited what post, etc.

Also, is there a riddle for the Charan's new Recipe? Can anyone tell me if it's legit or not?

Edit: Did they change your sig automatically??

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Does the Q17 from the screenshot have anything to do with it? Dunno, just throwing something out there.
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