[The Goddess Swords Discussion] 19th Jan, 2018: Volume has been fixed; Writing The Goddess

Disclaimer: This is an extremely long thread covering years of discussion, recipe theorising and debate. You do not and should have to read any of it, which is why I update this first page with the most relevant, up-to-date information on the swords' development. Everything you need to know is on this page. Cheers. :)

Jan 19th, 2018: Sound issues resolved

The volume issue has been fixed as of the latest patch. My ears found this out the hard way. Enjoy. :)

Jan 8th, 2018: Sound issues resolved

Real quick one here. I've been told by a dev that the volume of The Goddess has been adjusted appropriately internally and will be in a forthcoming patch. Yay.

26th December, 2017: The not-so fine art of shoe-horning

Hope everyone had a merry and safe one. Today, the day after being beaten up by my niece and nephews with lightsabers and stuffing my face with the usual festive fare...and unashamedly dwelling on some of the stuff said both here and on reddit (and in global chat, although less so that -- some of those guys are real arseholes!), I'm going to commit the cardinal sin and write about writing. If that's not your thing, you know what to do. And no, I don't mean 'post a response about it'.

Everyone else, here we go.

Another two-part post this (I seem fiercely addicted to these). The first part breaks down the notorious flavour text; the second part discusses some of the dialogue I wrote, using only what has been documented on the wiki -- there is still a handful missing from there, to my amusement. I'll spoiler tag both sections.

On Flavour Text

First things first: it wasn't the first draft. Wasn't even the tenth. I did have another poem at first, something a lot closer to The Goddess Unleashed's. Those things aren't easy to write but they're easy to fine-tune. They're also, to me, sort of boring to write. They're static. Historical. The vast majority of flavour texts on uniques in any game are rooted in the past. They signify the past of the item, and its place in the past. They're often descriptive of function or role. Death's Harp is probably still my favourite 'descriptive of function' flavour text:

The mournful music of the strings,
The creaking arch, the arrow sings.
A choking cry, a rattled breath,
The Reaper's Song, the Harp of Death.

It's lyrical, original, assonant and easily understood. It's 100% the perfect flavour text for a generic legendary item in a world with very little lore. Which indeed it was at the time.

And this approach is great for all uniques. Say what it does, how it does it, what it represents. Sometimes it's a one-liner, sometimes it's a little narrative. Typically always the same result though.

But a talking item demands something a bit different. The first talking item in Path of Exile, Jack, The Axe, has a flavour text matching this demand. It is a brief monologue addressing the finder, making clear the terms of what will happen next:

"Hey, you with the hands. Got a deal for you.
Give me a bit of life and I'll give you more death than you can poke a stick at.
You in?"

I love the directness of this. It's a monologue addressing a second person, which makes it an implicit dialogue waiting to happen. That dialogue is continued when you equip Jack, The Axe, and make that 'deal'. You could imagine it as on-drop dialogue.

Unfortunately nothing about the Goddess of Swords is particularly direct. Everything she says is laced with insinuation and conceals fine print. And I'd already planned on-drop dialogue that would represent the 'contract' formed between wielder and weapon, so I decided to take the monologue/implicit dialogue and go one step further: I'd do a full dialogue of what was said when she first met Charan, her most significant wielder. The one who lasted the longest. Maybe the first? Definitely the last. This is all a bit hazy and not really important.

So a conversation, 100% dialogue, in a space usually dedicated to something more descriptive or engaging, would have to work damn hard to earn its place. I don't subscribe to the Writ101 sanctity of 'Show, don't tell' because real fantasy *has* to tell at times, which could be why so many Writ101 lecturers fucking hate real fantasy. In contrast, real fantasy that's all show can be impenetrable and alienating. I was aware of that and worked very hard to keep the dialogue accessible first time around. No external references, no complicated wordplay. Just a quick exchange between Charan and Sword.

Before I go line-by-line, I want to say that I failed nonetheless with the above. You have to read between the lines to get the context of the flavour text, and to understand the title of the sword. I failed because I assumed the only people interested in this sword will either know the background from this thread or be the type to read between lines. I did not write a flavour text that is even vaguely considerate of players less inclined to enjoy my style. That was me being ignorant yet again, and a little lacking in confidence in my own item's design. Either way, I wanted to experiment and figured my last sword, which surely would make no splash at all given the wreckage of TGU, would be an okay place to do it. Whoops.

Anyway, here's the text in its entirety, and my breakdown.

"Your name is Demon Slayer? Really? Good name for rotgut, that."
She said: I prefer "The Goddess Of Swords". Much more dignified. And accurate.
"Demon Slayer The Cheap And Nasty it is then. Burns going down, burns coming up?"
She said: Every single time, Charan. And still...you'll bathe me, and you'll drink my love. Until you can't.

Alright, line by line.

"Your name is Demon Slayer? Really? Good name for rotgut, that."

We don't know who is talking here, but since the sword is called 'Charan's Sword', and there is an unexplained/untranslated word given as its name, this is immediately demanding people read between the lines. This is Charan responding to the sword saying 'My name is 'Oni-Goroshi'. That Charan understands what this name means tells us that he speaks at least two languages, OR that they're speaking in that totally-not-Japanese language at the time. This distances the sword from a lot of what we consider 'Wraeclast', whether it's the faux-Maori of Karui or the pseudo-latin of Oriath. Maraketh, with its curved blades and its sai? Maybe. Maybe even beyond that.

'Rotgut' is booze. The original draft had 'good name for cheap booze, that' because in Japan, 'Onigoroshi' is indeed slang for cheap booze. Strong enough to slay a demon/ogre. I changed it to rotgut for economic purposes, and because it is a cruder term than cheap booze.

I chose to use inverted commas for Charan's speech attribution to make it look like it's out of a book or story. It's familiar and immediate.

Finally, his tone is pretty mocking. A magical talking sword has just told him its name and his reaction is to compare it to booze. Cheap booze. It's a silly, immature name and he doesn't hesitate to say so in his own way. That is how the flavour text opens and it sets the stage for everything that follows: this is self-aware undercutting of highfalutin fantasy.

She said: I prefer "The Goddess Of Swords". Much more dignified. And accurate.

I chose to use a different speech attribution for the sword for several reasons. Firstly, it allows me to immediately show the sword is female. Secondly, it's past tense, which means 'it happened' rather than the tense-neutral inverted commas of Charan's speech. Further, without inverted commas, there's no evidence she's saying anything at all. It's more like the words were implanted in his head. The format is much closer to a transcript, which gives it an appearance of official evidence. I use the same technique in the book itself, although there it's more of a dream sequence because unlike Wraeclast-Sword, Book-Sword is much more the product of a puppet mistress fucking with Charan's dreams. Finally, it's half of the old 'he said, she said' cliche. It sets up a failed attempt at banter.

Despite Charan's undercutting of the trite, eye-rollingly bad fantasy name Demon Slayer/Oni-Goroshi, she gives another, and uses a snooty word like 'prefer' to boot. The Goddess Of Swords is in fact not her preferred name in the book -- it's the name a very young, very confused Charan gives her. She goes with it until he can figure out who and what she really is.

I keep seeing people saying I can't use proper grammar, which baffled me at first but then I realised they'd misread the last part of this line. The period/full stop between 'dignified' and 'And' represents both a hesitation and a shift in thought. The same people who made this accusation probably think it's still not okay to start a sentence with 'And' or 'But'. Most but not all grammar 'rules' exist to be learned and, for those who want to make a living out of using them, become guidelines. I'd never put myself on the same shelf as the great writers of the past hundred years, but a LOT of them wrote things that would have been marked 'wrong!' in school. ee cummings and Joyce spring to mind immediately, but more recently we have Cormac McCarthy experimenting with absolutely no speech attribution whatsoever. The reader trusts the author to know what they're doing. For whatever reason, that wasn't the case here.

But had I written "Much more dignified and accurate", I lose that step between. The almost momentary addition. Had I written 'Much more dignified...and accurate," the pause would be too long, and place too much weight on accurate rather than dignified. And finally, 'much more dignified, and accurate'...yuck!

So no, naysayers and negative Nellies. It's not that I can't use proper or basic grammar and punctuation. Sorry. It's that you didn't think carefully about the alternatives, as I did. Which is fine -- it was my job to think about them, not yours. Yours is to trust the writer.

"Demon Slayer The Cheap And Nasty it is then. Burns going down, burns coming up?"

Back to Charan and yet another zero-hesitation undercutting. I also had to change 'cheap booze' in the first line to 'rotgut' because 'cheap and nasty' was just too good here. By this point, Charan is fully embracing the cheap booze metaphor and running with it. I was surprised to see people having trouble understanding 'burns going down, burns coming up'. Anyone who has drunk strong alcohol will know it definitely burns going down, and burns when you puke it. Even if they haven't, it's almost a cliche in itself. By asking that, Charan is testing to see if the sword itself will go with the metaphor. He's also almost certainly aware that the sword's ability is associated with literal 'burning'. In that light, 'going down' and 'coming up' have different meanings too. Enemies go down, 'power' comes up. There is also an expression: up and down the body, which I've heard used in relation to severe burns. Or we can imagine a two-step attack: a downward slice, an upwards follow-throw. Very traditional move in kenjutsu. Either way, we have both the booze metaphor in full swing and references to actual burning.

She said: Every single time, Charan. And still...you'll bathe me, and you'll drink my love. Until you can't.

And this is where Charan is outmatched. The Goddess neither contradicts the metaphor nor mocks it. She agrees, almost solemnly. She uses his name directly, meaning that the burning going down, the burning coming up will be his to experience before anyone else. 'Every single time' also implies she knows it's going to happen a lot. There's a confidence to this that has been absent so far. 'And still...' adds to this confidence.

Now for the problematic part. Originally, the flavour text said, 'And still...you'll drink me, until you can't. And then you'll drink some more'. In the ongoing metaphor of sword as cheap booze, and by extension the addictive nature of wielding her despite the damage done to the wielder, this worked but 'drink me' was too on the nose, even for me. I felt there should be something for Charan/The wielder to drink that wasn't just 'her'. Her offering. Which of course had to be love. Her very fucked up idea of love, at any rate. 'Until you can't' is almost a relic of that original text. I guess I thought having 'And then you'll drink some more' after that would have been overkill, so I think I moved that into the actual dialogue. I'll admit 'drink my love' is hardly high prose but it suffices.

'You'll bathe me' was a last minute addition as I recognised a bathing motif through some of the dialogue I'd written. It clashes with 'drink my love' a bit. There's simply no literal interpretation that works here. Bathe her in blood and drink that blood? Bathe her in battle and drink the sensation of victory? Ugh and ugh. But in my defence, it makes a lot more sense if viewed as a precursor to what she says throughout the game.

Which I'm going to look at next.

On the dialogue

I've always loved how you really do have to read between the lines of dialogue in PoE when it comes to the Exiles. Taken at face value, what all seven say often seems nebulous or throwaway, but pretty much every line of dialogue adds to our overall interpretation of these otherwise fairly generic templates. It's just a great mixture of detail and absence, eschewing the force-fed gravitas we find in other games like Diablo 3 where it's clear from the start you're playing some sort of prodigy and are the chosen one. Talk about blatant power fantasy!

The Goddess is not an eighth class. She was not Exiled and has no beef with Oriath. She is ancient and jaded and suffers no rivals. She has indeed Been There and Done That. Her perspective then is not one that is going to build a story or get you as a player invested. She absolutely is a character in a game and knows it, although not quite in the self-aware Deadpool sense. As Rhys put it during the writing process, she sometimes just seems to know more than she should, but I guess that's what she does. There is enigma to her that cannot, should not be explained in the confines of Wraeclast. You can't just take a major character from a 400 page novel and accurately represent them in someone else's setting without either expecting people who have read said novel (as is usually the case of 'guest' characters in various media) OR, as I did, taking a single distinct shard of their personality and running with it.

In this case I chose her 'knowing' shard. Her smug, merciless way of just 'knowing' things. This allowed me to get more than a little meta at times. I love the Shadow's dialogue and pay homage to it twice with the Goddess, although I think my version is more accurate than his (a great many shadows killing Kraityn don't do it with one good stab, and I doubt too many shadows kill Oak in a knife fight). By act 10 she's able to go full ham with the meta commentary, although by then she has enough to work with to make it fit in context too (repetition of events and colour palettes from part 1 to part 2, for example).

But then there's Piety, who I think is easily the most fleshed out character in the entire game. I wanted to pay respect to that by giving the goddess a *lot* of Piety interaction.

Piety sort of fucks with this 'knowing' because the goddess repeatedly fails to read her right. At first she acts as though Piety is aiming to become the obligatory big bad/nemesis, and her quips throughout acts 1 and 2 reflect that. But when Piety kills Tolman, the goddess is forced to realise it's a bit more personal than that. From that point until the confrontation in Lunaris, all of her dialogue is bent towards one thing: killing piety. What the goddess says upon entering Lunaris 2 was a line I had to fight to keep, because it references Vinia. Vinia isn't mentioned in any of the obligatory npc dialogue. You learn about her through talking to Clarissa. But there is a divination card referencing Vinia so I figured most players would get it. That line is one of my favourites because it says so much:

"Depraved? Demented? No. This is Vinia, desperate to prove she is Piety. A little girl playing dress up, using atrocity as a cheap prop." It's at this point that I think the Goddess is really starting to figure Piety out. There is just something all too theatrical about the splay of corpses and torture devices and literal rivers of blood. To the Goddess, buying into that depravity would be letting Piety win, and to ignore that such cheap theatrics are just rebellious behaviour on a grotesque scale. There's also an implication that Vinia is trying to prove to herself that she is Piety, that there still is a Vinia in there.

Finally, there's every chance the Goddess went through a similar phase herself at some point. There's an air of projection in this line.

Of course, Piety doesn't die in that confrontation, so we're back to it. Dominus gets his usual throwaway quip, the aqueducts are an inadequate bath and Voll, Kaom and Daresso are distractions.

"Dominus, now Malachai. No matter who or what, you are nothing but a man's tool, Vinia." This is the acknowledgement that Vinia and Piety are still at war but that the part of Piety that allowed herself to be used was Vinia the prostitute. There's also the irony of a fucking sword calling someone else a tool. And when it finally ends for Piety, she gets no mockery or triumphant cry from the goddess. Instead, she gets a salute: "Stabbed right through the guts. Screaming. Impaled. Twitching. Now that is a proper way to die!"

From here, the focus shifts from the micro to the macro, and we're off to topple a corrupt church, kill its God, and kill a whole bunch of other Gods in the process. The dialogue goes with that, giving me a chance to flesh out the goddess based on what she says in response to each. Sometimes it's just a quip, but occasionally there's a layer added. This line, for example:

"They build a church. Off-hand ideas become laws. Faith is force-fed. The place of worship is now a place of judgment. I hate organised religion." I agonised over this one. There's just so much you can say about the process of faith turning into oppression. And you can bet that somewhere, somewhen, she has been at the root of just such a process. It's fairly widely-held that Jesus did not like the idea of organised religion, loved to smash temples that had lost their sanctity, and would almost certainly not be a fan of the shit done in His name since. No doubt the entire church of Oriath, of Theopolis, leans on this idea and probably more specifically on the turbulent history of the Roman Catholic Church. GGG can try to bury that under the word 'Templar' (itself super-heavy with atrocious and controversial precedent) and the dichotomy of Sin and Innocence but it's there nonetheless. No ARPG in history, hell probably no game, has been so brazen in its critique of a theocracy's hypocrisy. The stained-glass windows, the twisted narrative positioning Sin as the bad guy, the choral chants, the combination of court/torture chamber/lecture hall/church that is the Templar Courts...it's all there. And it's all a result of faith becoming ensconced in every strata of a society. What was meant to inform and guide turned into doctrine and ironclad law. To any but the most simple-minded of gods, that would be an affront, I think.

"So was that the true face of God, Exile? ...No. Just another vainglorious echo of the hollow 'I am'." What starts as another self-knowing wink and quip about Dominus turns into a direct biblical reference echoing Innocence's incessant declarations starting with 'I Am'. Innocence's voice lines during that fight were a masterstroke by GGG and I wanted to highlight why. There is no doubt that Innocence's 'I Am' is a reference to God in Exodus 3:14 responding to Moses, or maybe Prince of Egypt if you'd rather. Either way, 'I Am That I Am' is so pompous, so self-declaring, that you either go with it and cower in fear (as Moses did) or you fight it (as the Exile does). And to someone like the goddess, who has probably seen the rise and fall of gods and goddesses over aeons, anyone having to actually declare 'I AM!' with a big fuck-off beam of fire is probably just posturing.

To Maligaro in Act 7: "Love is not changing others, Maligaro. It is changing yourself. All who have held Me learn that sooner or later." There is probably less talk of 'love' in Oni-Goroshi's dialogue than in Goddess Unleashed's, but it's there and it matters. This line is probably the clearest definition of her idea of love that I've ever written. Taken at face value, it seems to be a platitude, but the last sentence completely inverts it. If she says that 'all who have held me' learn that 'love is not changing others', then she's sort of expecting them to change for her. And if they change for her, essentially she is changing others. I genuinely think she doesn't see or care about the subtle contradiction here. It's not tongue-in-cheek or smart. It's horribly, horribly self-centred.

Upon killing Ryslatha: "What injustice that such horror be so freakishly fertile, while others cradle arms and sing lullabies but to themselves." Originally this said 'cradle empty arms' but I guess that's not what came out in the end. Either way, this is a direct reference to the goddess' desire for children. That's not to say she'd have had any were she able. If anything, she'd make probably the worst mother I could ever imagine (book 2 puts her in this position and the amount of psychological abuse she heaps on that little girl is sickening) and probably knows it. But still, she LIKES the idea of children and of matriarchy. What she says to Gruthkul foreshadows this: "Poor old mother Ursa. I take no delight in what we have just done." This is about as far from the gleeful, blatant Witch-homage "Everything...BURNS!" as you can get.

That's just a few examples of what I was thinking when I wrote some of those lines. So yeah, there's some meta text in there and some throwaway lines but I would never have been content representing one of my favourite characters with just that. It's shoe-horned in and as such I would never try to make it much more than what it is: a chance for me to make a few comments on the game, to highlight what really resonated with me, and the provide a new, unique lens on the truly amazing world of Wraeclast.

Phew. I think THAT is my last significant post on the matter for a while.

24th December, 2017: 'Twas the night before Christmas...

Well, we're a mere three days into the sword's release and it seems to have caused a bit of a stir. I'll admit it feels strange not being a figure of scorn and mockery on reddit for once, but I'll take it as an early Xmas gift from GGG, who really did give me free rein with the design and how to get the sword. Even stranger is seeing 'my' name all over the place in various forms -- I've been lurking in global chats while farming for my own. Even Chris had a go at it, getting a few in a matter of hours.

Speaking of, there's a lot of talk about how exactly to get the sword efficiently. Firstly, you do *not* have to be level 7 but it does help a hell of a lot. I was actually level 8 when my first one dropped, which sucks. Secondly, Scion or Shadow seem the best picks: Scion for the Spectral Throw AoE and Onslaught, Shadow for the very quick Hillock kills. Either way, you DO want to fully clear Twilight Strands until you're level 7. Rotate 2-4 characters, depending on your clear speed. and do NOT enter Lioneye's Watch. Once you're 7, focus on Hillock. Unlike other drops, Oni-Goroshi will spawn the moment the instance is created, so magic find won't help. You will know when she has spawned because she will be embedded in Hillock's chest. Unofficially called Uber Hillock, this version has a LOT more health and will wield Oni-Goroshi once he hits half life. Kill him and she's all yours.

The volume is definitely a bit low but I don't consider this too crucial: there's text output anyway and I'm sure the sound guys can tweak it soon enough.

I am VERY pleased with what little I've heard of the voice actress. TGU's voice purred a bit more but OG's voice is much closer to what I imagine Vachaelle/The Goddess sounding like. I was a bit worried. I am absolutely reassured now.

Or you could just buy one from trade. The price is already quite low and I imagine it'll level out around 27 chaos, if we assume one Rebirth card is 1c or so.

Do not be surprised if it's harder to get Oni-Goroshi by farming next league. I'm concerned that it's so easy to get right now that SSF leagues would have an inordinate amount of Strand farming for the first day. It was always my intention that the cards be the easier way to get the sword, and the farming method be for masochists and completionists. But now that the drop speech is on youtube, there's really no need to farm for Oni-Goroshi I think. That fad will pass and pass very soon.

To all the regulars of this thread: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. You were here, showing interest and support, long before this strange craze hit. And I know you'll be here after.

This is my final unique and I don't think I could do any better. There are far worse ways to leave one's mark.

This is the big last update of this OP for a while. I MIGHT break down the flavour text if people are interested. It copped a lot of shit on reddit (but they loved the stats, so I'll take that as a win) and I understand it's not what people are used to. But I didn't just slap a few sentences together and call it good. I did work as hard on that flavour text as any other, probably harder. Pretty poetry isn't too difficult. Dialogue that is true to the characters is much more of a challenge, and often comes down to agonising over single word choices. So yeah, I probably will expand on the flavour text sometime soon. If I can't be a bit self-indulgent here, then where?

Have a safe and happy holidays.

The_Scourge aka 'Charan'

Man, I wish PoE had better melee. OTOH will it ever be as good as For Honor's? Hell no. Sooo...there's that I guess.
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21st December, 2017: 3.1.1c, OG is in the game

Not sure what to say at this point that hasn't already been said. I pasted the final draft stats yesterday but I'll pop them here as they're probably essential information belonging in the 'sticky'. Here we go.

Without alt held

With alt held

And the Divination card details.

Same art as "Birth of the Three"
Reward: unique Charan’s Sword (not ‘Oni-Goroshi’)
Stack count: 27
Drops from: *most core zones in parts 1 and 2* (nothing sealed like the belly of the beast or otherworldly like Maligaro’s Sanctum. Basically, anywhere ‘in’ Wraeclast.)

He shattered Her smile
Scattered the fragments like ash
All she did was laugh

Happy Hillock hunting, folks.

9th December, 2017: 3.1 lands, TGU recipe disabled permanently

Not much to say here. TGU can no longer be crafted. The replacement sword, details for which you can find below, will go in...soon. Enjoy Abyss, folks.

7th December, 2017

A regular to this thread, ZarroTsu, has spotted the following video on reddit, which apparently I need to check more because people are actually talking about me and my swords again and not entirely in a negative way. This video shows a reddit user called TheRealShotzz killing Shaper with zero deaths...wielding not one but TWO Goddesses Unleashed (one skinned very fashionably with Scorned, I might add) right before the sword is due to go legacy forever. This is just wonderful, and a fitting farewell to a beloved but problematic goddess. Although as raics pointed out, it's also a farewell to Vaal Pact, which is so powerful it makes even TGU Shaper-viable...

Thankfully this has appeared long after GGG can use the video as evidence that The Goddess Unleashed doesn't need a rework. :P


Enjoy. :)

6th December, 2017

This is a little short notice but I figure most of you are okay with this one. The new sword replacing The Goddess Unleashed was meant to go in with 3.1 and barring the voice acting, that would have happened. This means that 3.1 has indeed been slated as the end of The Goddess Unleashed's time in Wraeclast other than as a legacy item. To prevent strange overlaps and further creation of legacy items, the recipe for The Goddess Unleashed will be disable with 3.1. This means as of this writing you have about two days left to waste your currency and make a sword that no longer talks very much, doesn't have the stats I wanted it to have, and has pretty pretentious poetic flavour text.

So between 3.1 and 3.1.?, there will be no way to create The Goddess Unleashed *and* no way to obtain Oni-Goroshi.

I know a few of you have been asking and I wasn't entirely sure myself, but a dev has just informed me that this is indeed the case.

I won't promise it'll be worth the wait. That's up to you to decide.

20th November, 2017

Now and then people randomly ask me 'what's going to happen with Unleashed?', so here's a super brief, super to-the-point answer.

The Goddess Unleashed is going to go legacy; the recipe will no longer work. Instead, a revised version called Oni-Goroshi will drop in the game from a specific location in Act 1. This version has the same art/model as The Goddess Unleashed but everything else is different. The voice is new and covers all ten acts; it will not cover Maps. The flavour text is new. Oni-Goroshi is a level 1 sword that has 6L inherently, scaling damage and scaling degen. The degen is optional -- the condition to trigger it requires you add something that the sword does not grant: base fire damage. Without the degen, Oni-Goroshi is a 6L sword that has scaling flat physical damage and some crit. With the degen, it's a super powered version of The Goddess Unleashed: physical sword damage added as fire sword damage, total speed increase, status ailment and stun immunities. What Oni-Goroshi doesn't have that The Goddess Unleashed does have is the blind proc and the ignite duration. I figure blind is much easier to get now and ignite duration is weaker than ever with the DoT damage refactoring.

If you don't want to farm for the sword (it's going to be...time consuming, since it drops from only one monster in the game), my divination card 'Birth of the Three' is being replaced by an Oni-Goroshi card that will drop in most places around Wraeclast. You can certainly trade for these (I don't imagine they'll cost much) and 'forge' Oni-Goroshi through Tasuni. But if you want to hear the first part of Oni-Goroshi's dialogue, you will need to find it rather than forge it. And it's one of the longest samples, pretty much a paragraph for introduction.

And since Oni-Goroshi is no longer a 'Goddess' sword in name, the original trilogy has become a simpler case of Bound upgrading to Scorned, which I believe can handle fairly high level content. Oni-Goroshi is its own progression, since it has built-in scaling. A scaling weapon doesn't need to be manually upgraded. You WILL be able to use Oni-Goroshi all the way from Twilight Strand to The Feeding Trough...and maybe even beyond, if you're really fucking crazy.

I think that covers everything.

October 13th, 2017

I just realised how out of date this has become over the past few months, so here's the latest.

I've submitted all the new/revised dialogue for acts 1-10. Typically GGG accept most of my submissions but a few may not make the cut. Unlike last time, where they had to write some lines due to unreleased material, I've had access to everything I want the sword to comment on. I hope they'll allow me to revise any unacceptable submissions before it goes to recording, but I understand my role is a very peripheral one once it reaches that stage.

The stats are locked in for testing, which means what the sword does is fixed but how well it does it remains to be finalised. I've currently asked for 2-3 flat added physical damage per character level and 123% added fire damage with Her Embrace. We'll see how those numbers fly.

The degen of OG levels off with TGU's current degen at character 66. After that, you'll have to really work hard not to feel the pain. Or just not turn Her on, maybe.

I guess all there is to do now is wait until December...


July 18th, 2017

This is a very brief update for those of you interested. After some deliberation, I've chosen not to have the sword be put into the initial release of Fall of Oriath. This is almost purely on me, because I'm selfish and exacting and want it done right this time. I've said the stats are locked in for testing, and they are. The art is obviously done. And since I have been testing the beta extensively, I've been able to write dialogue up to the end of act 8.

However, acts 9 and 10 won't be in the beta. They're going to be a surprise, even for me. I had a few options here.

The first was let the GGG writers take care of the dialogue for the remaining two acts. They did this for act 4 during the Awakening, and did an adequate job of mimicking what I'd already done. I'll praise the GGG writers to the moon and back but I can't expect them to really get it the way I do. It's my creation after all. And this time around I've added a lot more depth to her reactions, a lot of angles. She is a full character, after all. So that option was out.

The second was get spoiled about acts 9 and 10 by way of 7-8 'event moments' and write from there. I did a LITTLE of that during the Awakening Beta but as you'll see, I'm eager to revise what little Act 4 stuff I did get to write, now that I've actually played it a lot. Some of the lines I've written for acts 5-8 are reactions not just to the event but to particulars of it. Visual or aural cues. That sort of thing. So that option is also out.

And the last, which I'm choosing, is wait until I've played through the game entire so I can write worthy, on-point dialogue. You guys deserve that, and more importantly, so does she. Unfortunately this means GGG will have to get the VA back in for a special session but they've told me they're willing to work with that because this choice also takes some pressure off the design team, who are no doubt flat-out getting 3.0 in order.

So there you go. I'm sure this decision won't stop any of you from playing 3.0 like the PoE junkies you are when it lands, but I get that it's a bit disappointing. Apologies.

I won't promise it'll be worth the wait, but this IS what I envisioned way back in 2012 when I decided to put my character's sword in the game. Please bear with me to see it come to proper fruition.


3.0: The Fall of Oriath and The Goddess Swords -- why there must be revision.

Now that GGG have revealed the act restructure, the immediate issue in regards to The Goddess Unleashed is very clear. TGU has dialogue that reacts to bosses and areas in acts 1-4, but at a merciless level. Well, that's all gone with 3.0. There is no Cruel, no Merciless. Your one and only encounters with Piety, Dominus, Gravicius, and so forth will be at lower level.

There was no way I was going to lose all that voicework, so there was only one option. Revise Unleashed as a low level weapon...but this has to be done in a way that doesn't impede on the existing twink potential of The Goddess Bound and The Goddess Scorned. I can say that of the three, The Goddess Scorned is the one least in need of any sort of revision. I think that one's in a great place.

I'm not entirely sure how we'll do this yet. I suspect Bound-->Scorned will remain largely as it is, although I want to make Bound *much* more common if GGG can limit its drop to act 1 somehow. Bound/Tipua was always meant to be common within the lower areas because it's a pretty innocuous item in terms of larger game balance. A nice boost through the first 20 levels or so. Scorned, well, you still have to build around that one.

I don't want people having to build too much around Unleashed. I much prefer the idea that they learn to deal with the drawback naturally as it becomes more and more taxing.

In 2012, I asked GGG for a growing weapon. Something that scales with you from very low level through the story. This was after Tipua Kaikohuru and was meant to be my second and final sword. I had lots of other unique designs in mind. Lots. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible at the time....but it certainly is now. And after the debacle that was the Unleashed launch, I suspect GGG are fairly open to my vision as I originally planned.

So when I say that Unleashed will be what I always wanted, that's it.

And as long as I can write dialogue responding to various events in the main story, the sword must remain viable, if not as jaw-droppingly truck-like as in the earlier levels. And I do plan to write dialogue all the way to act 10.

The elephant in the room is probably the recipe. I deeply enjoyed every aspect of the recipe: the riddle, the hints, the hunt. The way it brought the community together ever so briefly. But I don't think it's practical for console and IF GGG have finally implemented deterministic drops, I know where I'd put Unleashed and at what rarity. And you're not going to like it but too bad. :)

That's about it. I hope it all makes sense now.


Discussion of Unleashed's future in 3.0 begins here.

3.0: A chance to make things right...

Hey peeps. Long time no update. A few things.

Firstly, if anyone has access (and is inclined) to edit the wiki, feel free to pop these voice line attributions in to the Goddess Unleashed entry. i couldn't be arsed signing up.

"Anyone who tells me to die is only asking to have the favor returned." -- On killing Brutus

"Those who repeat the mistakes of the past are doomed to burn alongside them." -- On killing Kole (since Kole is a repeat of Brutus. It's totally a meta joke.)

"Piety is one witch who fully deserves to be burned at the stake. And I think we should do the honors." -- Entering Lunaris level 2.

"History, (laughs) the pen has always betrayed the truth." -- Upon entering the Library

"Remember an ally is as fickle as a flickering flame." -- On completing corrupted Piety's quest, i.e. just before she's about to help you against Malachai.

(fun fact: I didn't write any of those. My versions were too verbose, which She totally is but PoE is well-regarded for its succinct, snappy dialogue.)

OH, and change the level req please. It's 51, not 66.

Secondly, it's probably no surprise that The Goddess Swords are going to be reviewed for 3.0. I can't give details yet but Chris announced publicly last year that with the introduction of act 5, the total act count for a playthrough before endgame would be 15. That's too high, so he's stated that 3.0 will be ten acts total. However that's played out, a sword that reacts to merciless acts 1-4 events will, at the very least, need its level reviewed. I figured I'd take that chance (and the reopening of communications with GGG) to make things right. 3.0, Third Time's a Charm and All That...

I've made a lot of statements and promises in the past, so you can take this with a grain of salt, but I'm going to say it anyway: the reviewed Unleashed will be what I always wanted. I've been in discussions with the excellent Hrishi and while nothing is solidified, we are definitely on the same page and agree that the PoE that is has room for lower level items that hold nothing back. I think you could theoretically add a 3 million DPS sword that you can't equip past level 50 and it wouldn't change the game a bit in most peoples' eyes (that's not what Unleashed will do, btw. Maybe something close to that). With that in mind, watch this space.

Related to this, I'm definitely looking at the recipe as...well, something that was fun and I'll be forever grateful to Rhys for his brilliant riddling...but maybe it's not practical for a console version where you simply should not expect players to look things up. That's okay for a PC game where you can and likely do alt-tab, but a console is much more self-contained. PoE is already full of things you have to look up. I see no reason to make things any worse there.

Lastly, there's a high chance I'll be adding more voicelines for 3.0 as well. Depends on how badly GGG want my money. ;)


Recipe implemented today, and some sound shuffling

April 20th, 2016: The recipe to craft The Goddess Unleashed (already prematurely published on the wiki and detailed in the spoiler tag below) will be a part of patch 2.2.2b, which is due to deploy today. I'm nowhere near getting the ingredients ready in my self-found challenge but that's okay. I suspect a lot of people will be happy to use their existing wealth to create this 'free' mtx skin.

NOTE: Nothing is changing but the recipe. The result will still be a guaranteed 6L Eternal Sword, level 51 req, and so forth.

In other news, some people have expressed concern that She never talks outside of the game's story. I can't do much about it now but a few of her quotes will be moved to a random but semi-frequent event when just playing the game: killing rares. This won't be in patch 2.2.2b, but shouldn't be far off.

As usual, I ask that people keep the discussion civil, constructive and rational.

Revised Recipe and Self-Found Masochism
TGU: Recipe revised and approved!

April 19th, 2016: The Goddess Unleashed recipe has been revised and approved by GGG. This is what I submitted to GGG based on what I feel to be farmable ingredients before Merciless, but always with the proviso that trading/muling will be much quicker. This recipe will go live soon (approximately Wednesday).


3S 20% The Goddess Scorned
3S 20% Graceful Sword
6S 20% Lithe Blade, sockets (not links) matching Scorned and Graceful Sword
3 Divine Orbs
3 Fusing Orbs
3 Blessed Orbs
1 Added Fire Damage support gem, quality and level adding up to 33
1 Blind support gem, as above
1 Increased Critical Strikes support gem, as above.

How to self-find The Goddess Unleashed by the beginning of Merciless

(Update 20th April: Well, I'm somewhat into this silly 'challenge' myself, so I'll say outright: this is only for the purely masochistic. But I'm enjoying it a lot, so eh. YMMV and all that.)

You can farm most of these materials. Naturally you can trade for them much, MUCH quicker, but I've structured this so that if you do play self-found, it's a bit like one of those multi-step Epic Weapon quests from Everquest or similar MMOs.

The rarest ingredient, divine orbs, can be obtained by farming Humility divination cards in any Aqueduct (I found 6 humility cards casually running the area for about half a day). 9 of these cards can be exchanged with Tasuni for a Tabula Rasa, which can then in turn be vended for a Divine Orb. You will need 27 cards total, assuming you don't find a Tabula Rasa along the way.

The three required Support gems may be an issue. Since I play Shadow, I am pleased to find Nessa selling all three after you find Axiom Prison. In fact, these may well be the only ingredients you'll have to trade for, depending on your class.

The Gemcutters Prisms required to raise the quality of your three supports can be obtained by farming The Union divination cards in Cruel Fellshrine -- incidentally, this card was created by a fellow guild member of mine to commemorate his marriage, NotACuckroach. Assuming you get your required support gems to gem level 13 (character level 49 required), you'll need all three to be 20% quality. That means 60 GCPS. A set of 7 Union cards trade for 10 GCPs. So assuming you find no gcps along the way (which you can also obtain by trading 40% quality worth of random gems to any vendor), that will mean a total of 42 Union Cards farmed from Cruel Fellshrine runs.

Blessed Orbs are just a matter of luck, but I'd be very surprised if you didn't have 3 after all that Cruel-level farming.

In order to get The Goddess Scorned, you'll need The Goddess Bound, which can be obtained by exchanging 3 Birth of the Three divination cards to Tasuni. Birth of the Three drops exclusively from Cruel and Merciless Hillock. From there, follow the recipe for Goddess Scorned listed on the wiki or a few posts under this.

The Graceful Sword you can just buy from a late Cruel vendor.

The Lithe Blade will take some work. Like all Maraketh weapons, it won't spawn in any npc shop. Being a level 56 base item, you will need to look for it in The Belly of the Beast and onward -- or hope to get lucky killing a level 54 rare, which means running The Grand Arena might be quicker, given how many rare and unique monsters are there.

Then you'll need to get it to 6S. This can either be done tapping Vorici's crafting ability at master level 6 for 350 Jeweller's Orbs OR take a gamble and just roll the sword a bunch of times. Note that it has to be 20% quality so make sure you do that first. Obtaining Jeweller's Orbs can be tough outside of random 6S drops and lucky Arcanist strongboxes, but it's good to remember that 2 orbs of alteration vend for a Jeweller's orb. Vending all those blues and yellows as you level can definitely add up. As a bonus, if you complete Elreon's daily mission, he will give you a once-daily deal of 20 Jeweller's Orbs for 32 Orbs of Alteration.

...Yeah, most people will just trade/mule, but if you want to challenge yourself and make The Goddess Unleashed from scratch, you definitely can. As a bonus, you'll probably be rather overleveled for Merciless after all that farming. ;)


An apology to early adopters of The Goddess Unleashed

To those who have crafted the Goddess Unleashed with the original and plainly overpriced recipe, I am deeply sorry for your retroactive loss of a 6L Exquisite Blade. GGG have no plans to differentiate your Unleasheds, so unfortunately there'll be no way of proving yours is truly a legacy version.

I expect to cop some flak for this but after what I've been through the past week or so, believe I'm probably well-prepared. Sorry, sorry and sorry.


Original Riddle Solving Details

Original Riddle solved by Umbral_Sky, clarified by Meridin

Meridin wrote:

https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/504429/page/570#p13169380 -- The actual post of discovery, if anyone wants to start reading what happened from there on. :)

Please note that this recipe is no longer valid.

The Riddle That Stumped Us All and Rhys' breakdown of how it unravels


Three to wield, pure and fine,
Eclipse eternal to align
Exquisite full and true.

Three to save, risk reward,
Two exalted, one encored,
Counting all in equal due.

Three to help, each matured,
All beloved by the third,
All imperfect sums of two.

Rhys wrote:
I knew people would look back on the first riddle for insight on my methodology, which is why I deliberately used a different style of riddle this time around.

This recipe is intentionally expensive and difficult to obtain the ingredients for, because it generates a very powerful item with guaranteed six-linked sockets. For a video showing its power in action, check out the end of this post. Note that no community members were told the details of the recipe. We made sure it stayed a secret so that no-one would have an unfair advantage when solving it.

The riddle is intentionally very difficult and even slightly vague, since the previous one was solved so easily. In fact, we went so far as to design the recipe to specifically resist the "brute-force" approach of throwing every possible option into the sell window, which was a large part of how the previous riddle was solved so quickly.

So let's break down the riddle and see how it works.

First of all, 9 lines in the riddle, 9 mods on the item, and 9 ingredients to the recipe. Three stanzas of three lines means three groups of similar items. You will notice a pattern of threes both here and on the item. Also, The Goddess Scorned is obviously required.

Three to wield,
Stanza 1 describes three items you can wield, fairly obvious as three swords, given the context of upgrading one sword into another.

pure and fine,
These items must be 20% quality and uncorrupted.

Eclipse eternal to align
"Eclipse" refers to The Goddess Scorned, whose flavour text mentions "An old flame renewed can define our eclipse". "Eternal" is an Eternal Sword; just like the previous recipe, this one requires a base type of the resulting item. These two swords must "align" with the item described in the next line, which is why this line doesn't end with a comma.

Exquisite full and true.
"Exquisite" is an Exquisite Blade, which is a high-level curved sword with similar art. The sockets of the other two swords must align to the sockets of the Exquisite Blade. "Full and true" means it must have six linked sockets, and by corollary the other two swords must each have three linked sockets. Since three-links form an L shape, it isn't immediately obvious how two three-links should connect to form a six-link, so we actually relaxed the restriction of the previous riddle and decided to consider the colour of the sockets only, not the order of them for this recipe.

Three to save,
Stanza 2 describes three currency items, that you have "saved" i.e. not spent.

risk reward,
When used, these currencies each have a random effect that may be good or bad.

Two exalted, one encored,
A blatant red herring (the previous riddle also had one) that suggests Exalted Orbs. It really means that two of these items are high-end currency relevant to the Goddess. They are not exactly specified, but there are only a few possible options and it is very easy to brute-force the answer anyway: a Divine Orb and a Blessed Orb. The "one encored" is a repeat from the previous recipe: an Orb of Fusing.

Counting all in equal due.
You will need a certain number of these currency items. What number? 3, of course. What else would it be? And again, easy to brute-force.

Three to help,
Stanza 3 describes three items that "help": Support Gems.

each matured,
The gems must be leveled. Not necessarily all the way to 20, though.

All beloved by the third,
"The third" refers to The Goddess Unleashed, whose flavour text reads "I am the third". The gems therefore are "beloved" by that item, i.e. they grant effects that the item does. This is deliberately somewhat vague, but there are only a few possibilities to experiment with. The required gems are Added Fire Damage, Increased Critical Strikes, and Blind.

All imperfect sums of two.
The most dastardly of clues, each gem must be "imperfect" i.e. not both max quality and max level. They must also be sums of "two", the two defining quantities of gems: quality and level. But what is the value of the sum? Given "imperfect" ruling out 20/20, the range of possible numbers is therefore 1-39. There are really only two conceivable numbers: 3 and 33, and 33 fits better (as a "sum of two" it has two digits, and so more threes). So the level and quality of the gems must sum to exactly 33.

The complete recipe:
1x 20% quality, uncorrupted 3L The Goddess Scorned
1x 20% quality, uncorrupted 3L Eternal Sword
1x 20% quality, uncorrupted 6L Exquisite Blade with matching socket colours
3x Divine Orb
3x Blessed Orb
3x Orb of Fusing
1x Added Fire Damage support gem, whose level and quality sum to 33
1x Increased Critical Strikes support gem, whose level and quality sum to 33
1x Blind support gem, whose level and quality sum to 33

Additionally, the Eternal Sword and Exquisite Blade must not be Unique.

Timeline of The Goddess' Unleashing, recorded by Rhys

Rhys wrote:

Dec 12, 2015: Patch 2.1.0 unlocks the recipe for The Goddess Unleashed. I sneak the riddle into the first post of Charan's thread, hidden under two layers of spoilers. The hunt begins!
Dec 13: All ingredients have already been guessed, by various people at various times. No-one has guessed the "imperfect sums" yet but people have guessed level and quality numbers that would work.
Dec 14: I notice that Unleashed was changed from a Graceful Sword base to Eternal Sword, meaning the original riddle is incorrect. Curses! I immediately change it and apologize.
Dec 15: I leave for a few precious weeks of vacation, but keep an eye on community progress.
Dec 23: I post a clarification that the vendor recipe system was not changed. Extra items in the sell window are allowed.
Dec 26: Diemx0 makes an extremely valiant attempt, which only fails because the imperfect sums are wrong.
Jan 4, 2016: People start writing me poems, begging for hints. How can I refuse? I let the people know that all the puzzle pieces have been guessed.
Jan 5: Another excellent attempt by ChaseX13, again only thrown off by the imperfect sums.
Jan 27: Frustration mounts. Perhaps the riddle is too hard? Another hint, that there are ingredients no-one has guessed correctly.
Feb 5: Another breadcrumb. I list approximate prices in Chaos Orbs to buy all the ingredients from poe.trade.
Feb 9: "Sums of two" is throwing people more than I expected. That "two" is not simply the number 2!
Feb 16: Another price check. Not sure how much these are helping.
Mar 2: I hint that there are certain "imperfections" that no other recipe checks (the sums). This causes more confusion than clarity.
Mar 8: Biggest hint yet. I reveal that the first two stanzas are more or less solved and that only the third stanza is still a mystery. I also invoke "The Rule of Two" as a means of understanding what the "two" represents in the last line (i.e. two individuals). But soon regret it.
Mar 9: The "master and apprentice" tangent swiftly burrows down a deep rabbit-hole indeed.
Mar 15: Trying cut down on some of the more outlandish ideas, I state that no Vaal Orbs are needed. People assume it's a trick.
Mar 20: Kahzin makes a well-reasoned post that pretty much nails everything and points the way to the solution. I quote him with a love heart to indicate he is "getting warmer". Everyone ignores it.
Mar 22: I mention that the Google doc listing various potential ingredients is insufficient (it calls for 20/20 gems).
Mar 30: Better post before April Fools. I hint that "perfection" is found in "hindsight".
Apr 3: Illuminati confirmed.
Apr 4: An excellent attempt by Ellix. Only foiled because his gems were 11/11. But very close, and on the right track.
Apr 6: I hint that the third stanza requires a minimum and a maximum, and is specific, and nonspecific. Umbral_Sky correctly posits the imperfect sums.
Apr 11: The final hint: I mention that someone has made a correct guess recently. Umbral_Sky unleashes The Goddess.

Birth of the Three Divination card details

Added in 2.1.1:

Birth of the Three is my divination card. Exchanging three of them (as if it'd be any other number!) to Tasuni will get you the rarest low level PoS in the game, The Goddess Bound. The card can only drop from a specific monster in specific difficulties. This monster carries a sword. It all makes a grim sort of sense.

Or you could just be lazy and click here.
Cruel and Merciless Hillock.

What is Her Blessing?
'Her Blessing' is a state that deals you 33% of your life and ES as fire damage a second. Thus for all 3 seconds, 99%. Think of it as RF light. Importantly, it does NOT count as being ignited. This degen CAN be mitigated with fire resistance. It's important to remember that without this state, three of the weapon's most powerful abilities will not trigger, so in essence 'Her Blessing' is both the degen and those three abilities.

The sword allows for refresh of Her Blessing -- with sufficient ignite chance, you can probably permablind your enemies, be permanently 20% faster and immune to ignite, chill and freeze. As long as you don't mind being consumed by holy flames.

Some people compare Her Blessing to Righteous Fire. This is misleading and erroneous. While they are both degens, Righteous Fire is MUCH more dangerous as a degen and as such enables extra spell damage and damages nearby enemies. Her Blessing is simply a simulation of being on fire. It does not and is not meant to damage nearby enemies. We already have Righteous Fire for that.

Regarding the Goddess Scorned
Epitaph for a Goddess Bound

Three so fine, one divine, and one a matching bruise,
Two that burn, two in hand, and one that sits unused,
Two that spark confusion, one that gives, one that takes,
And one that weeps when all alone... an oath fulfilled makes.

So, after 4 whole days (which can be an eternity on the internet), an epic 72,000+ views and a staggering 90 pages of almost 100% positive collaboration and discussion, the recipe for The Goddess Scorned had been found. It seems that when Aux posts 'first', it's more than just hot air and posturing. Very well done.

I can honestly say that Unleashed won't be in before 1.2.0. I think she'll be one of the more ambitious uniques, and in more ways than one. Topping Scorned is gonna be tough.

So that's that. Thanks to EVERYONE for playing along, thanks to Mark for enjoying it, thanks to Rhys for being frighteningly good at riddles, and...have fun incinerating shit, everyone. :)

Rhys explaining it all
Rhys wrote:
OK, so here's how the riddle works. I assumed people would know that it required The Goddess Bound.

There are 15 descriptors in the poem, which is far too many to reasonably be 15 ingredients, so obviously multiple ones refer to the same items. There are least three, given the first phrase. Some people suggested there might be five ingredients, since the first and second lines have five, and the third and fourth lines sum to five, but this logic is flawed. You can't just add the last two lines together.

There are four ingredients, hence four lines to the poem (though not one ingredient per line; that would have been too easy).

Three so fine,

Three items with quality (potentially max quality).

one divine,

A red herring, intended to make you think of Divine Orbs, but really just referencing the Goddess Bound.

and one a matching bruise,

The flavourtext for the Goddess Bound mentions an "elegant bruise", and since Elegant Sword is the base type for the Goddess Scorned, obviously this refers to a "matching" Elegant Sword, where it must match in quality, sockets, and links.

Two that burn,

Two items that deal or cause fire damage/burning. One of these is the Goddess Bound.

two in hand,

Two of the items are equippable in the main/off hand slots.

and one that sits unused,

One item is a currency item.

Two that spark confusion,

A deliberate WTF/red herring. "Spark" is a synonym for "Ignite", as in Chance to Ignite, but there is also a Spark skill gem. "Confusion", by cryptic crossword design, indicates that things here are not to be interpreted literally (or indicate an anagram). In this case, "confusion" is more like "con fusion" i.e. "with fusion", referencing the Orb of Fusing.

one that gives,

An incredibly vague reference to a Support Gem. Intended to imply Exalted Orbs to doomsayers.

one that takes,

An incredibly vague reference to an Orb of Fusing, which takes away quality... which is exactly what it does when combining two max quality swords into a zero quality Goddess Scorned.

And one that weeps when all alone...

Another reference to a Support Gem, which is useless alone.

an oath fulfilled makes.

Obviously, this just confirms that this poem is describing the recipe for the Goddess Scorned, whose flavourtext mentions an "oath fulfilled".

It was truly delightful to see so much community involvement, and so many fascinating ideas and imaginative speculation...

I had forgotten about Moonsorrow's flavourtext (which I also wrote). It does fit quite well for the last line, but is too high level and it doesn't really make sense in any other way.

Clearly, I will have to make the next recipe clue poem (The Goddess Unleashed?) even more obscure and devious.

My original post
Rather than respond to one of the other threads about this, I figured I'd take this time (0.94% of the patch complete after 40 minutes -- so much for preferential treatment LOL!) to discuss things a bit.

Firstly, this is a screenshot of the final version, randomly rolled on the internal testing realm:

It's a bit different to what I showed before because of some last minute concerns regarding the movement speed while cursed. I also felt that the damage was a bit lacking at level 28, so we tweaked that too.

This is the first shot of the art, too. I'm very happy with it.

Before you ask, I don't know the recipe. Rory doesn't know the recipe. I daresay Chris doesn't know the recipe. As long as it includes the first sword, The Goddess Bound, my intentions have been met.

EDIT: I should have seen that coming. I really should have. The hint is in this post and I didn't put it there.

Happy hunting, and if you find it, please do share. This secret recipe isn't about making the weapon elite or private. It's just about a little fun. The purpose of the recipe itself is to ensure that no one ever gets this weapon unless they actively want it. This is MY favour to the players who feel that uniques are lame and crap. You're. Welcome.


About the three swords, and my design plans in general

Bound, Scorned and the final version Unleashed each belong to a difficulty level, give or take.

This means that even Unleashed, which will likely be a level 50ish sword, will not be explicitly end-game. If you're expecting something you can take into level 70+ maps, tough titties. There are plenty of other great uniques for that purpose, and plenty more coming (I know, I've seen some of them as WIP, and my jaw drops at high creative both GGG and the diaternals designers really are!)

So there you have it. I am not designing an end-game item, ever. I just don't have the experience or the interest. Now IF you can take one of my items into end-game, that's cool. That's awesome. But it's not directly intentional.

My next unique is a Spiked Bundle.

Like I said, just not into end-game items. Not all uniques in an ARPG should be end-game viable, and I dare you to name an ARPG where every single unique was. (uniques that scale by level when they drop don't count!)

Someone has to design the Rixot's Keens and the Torn Flesh of Souls and even The Atlanteans and the Pelta Lunatas. Sometimes it's Laz, sometimes it's not.
Man, I wish PoE had better melee. OTOH will it ever be as good as For Honor's? Hell no. Sooo...there's that I guess.
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I wonder how long will it take to discover the recipe. 1, 2 months? Great post man and insane sword!
IGN: Iworkeout
I expected a ton more from that hyped unique.

Am i missing something?

Oh well...

Witch quote: 'Too much clutter'.
I love you so much Charan. First unique with a progression that will likely follow you to merciless :) Very nice!
IGN = Dearest (Warbands)
I expected a ton more from that hyped unique.

Am i missing something?

Oh well...

Witch quote: 'Too much clutter'.

No, you're not missing anything. I addressed your type in the post. You're welcome too.
Man, I wish PoE had better melee. OTOH will it ever be as good as For Honor's? Hell no. Sooo...there's that I guess.
Hulkcore wrote:
Pelta Lunata kicks ass.

I totally agree. That's why I could name it off the top of my head. :)

I have an inexplicable adoration for Crushflange myself.
IGN EntropicThunder
I expected a ton more from that hyped unique.

Am i missing something?

Oh well...

Witch quote: 'Too much clutter'.

Hype was mainly done by false gossip (I even heard of a bow needed for a unique vendor recipe, lol).
You are missing OP's text, it seems.
cutt wrote:
I wonder how long will it take to discover the recipe. 1, 2 months? Great post man and insane sword!

Here is my guess:

By this Thursday evening, at 11:59PM UTC, someone will have posted the item in these forums.
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