How many fusing you using when make 6 link your item?

my best was 20, my worst was 1900 and i sold that thing
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i was extremely lucky ...

just wanted to have 5 links

then I spent 2 jewellery orb to get 6 sockets. i was shocked..

then spent another 2 fusions to 6 links it...

There's always the people that will say:

"It took me 1 jeweler to get it 1 socket to 6 socket, then it took me 1 fusing to 6 link it. Then it took me 1 alc to get a perfect 5 stat roll. Then 1 exalt got the exact roll I wanted."

I've never had a 6L item. Thanks for making me feel self conscious about it.
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Congratulations! You got 6L after used 475 fusing! During the linking, you got 4L 60 times and 5L 6 times, NOT BAD DUDE!

yay virtual 6L :X
15 fusings

i ripped with that in nemesis though ...
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Spent more than 2000 fusing orbs just to try to 6link something. My ONLY 6link is still tabula rasa.
Lavalamps are awesome
Corani wrote:
I've been trying to six link a searing touch as long as I've been playing my witch, and I'm at 1600. I sort of regret keeping count, because it's really demotivating.

Especially considering you could have bought one for cheaper.
4 fusings

However I used 400+ fusings in my Searing Touch and not even a 5 link.

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