How many fusing you using when make 6 link your item?

I 6linked 6 Items

1: Lioneye's Glare ~ 80 Fusings
2: Quill Rain - 11 Fusings
3: ilvl 79 Vaal Regalia ~ 200 Fusings
4: ilvl 80 Reaver Sword - 3 Fusings
5: A quite special Thicket Bow ~ 700 Fusings
6: A chest in a lottery for a friend - 26 fusings

that's around 1000 fusings for 6 Items. I think that's ok.

Without the Thicket bow it's around 300 for 5 Items

So now one might think: WOW DIS GUY SO LUCKY WTF.

What I'm doing is:

1. I 6Socket special uniques and then proceed trying to link them. If I get 5L I keep and sell. I get back my investment that way in most of the cases.
2. I try to 6Link any high Itemlevel 6Socket whites. If I get a 5L I keep and sell. I sometimes even make profit with selling the 5Links. And well the 6Links? A lot of profit.
3. The only 6Link I really needed was the Thicket bow. Had to force it, that's why it took so many.
4. I never count the fusings I need to 5Link stuff, that's why I can't tell you the overall number of fusings I ever used on 6Socket Items.
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Just got my first 6-link! Used about 10 fusings but I've used about 200 fusings on other items previously without getting a 6-link.

I was going to stop at the first 5-link so it was quite a surprise seeing the achievement pop up.
6L eva chest ~2000 fuses
6L lioneyes ~2500 fuses
6L eva chest ~1700 fuses
6L shavronne ~2200 fuses
6L shavronne ~2700 fuses
6L voltaxic ~5000 fuses <--- First 5L was past 600 fuses if i remember correctly

6 sockets is always been like 0-100

Not much luck here, but gambler so always have to try and make it ready when i start.
But i still think current system is ok and not needed any change, 6L items should be rare, but now everyone have them and that makes me sad.
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830 ish used, had 7 5 links.

now to start the other part
~50 for 6L voltaxic
~200 for 6L random thicket

on both my goal was just a 5L, hadnt seen a 5L on either yet

you took a risk trying to link them instead of buying it, i doubt you didnt know the risks

Is the math on this accurate? I've been looking everywhere to find something concrete about crafting odds, but I haven't found it. Who made this? Where did they get their numbers?
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The best part? Even after burning through 2,000 fusings your odds are still exactly the same as when you started. 100% loss. Zero reward. 100% stupid.

A lot of people believe in "gambler's fallacy", but you're exactly right.

2,000th fusing has exactly the same chance as did your very first using used. You're not progressing. It's all about luck, nothing to do with the player.
Picked up three karui mauls, the third one chanced to marohi erqi. Used ~40 jewellers to 6socket it. And then the very first fusing resulted in

Stop reading this and do something useful.
This is why the lovely Tabula Rasa exists, for those of us not able to piss away 1-2k fusings for a half decent chest
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Using the I 6Led five times:

901 145 93 628 71

Pretty funny tool, though I don't know if the numbers are correct.

Completed 1 ChallengeShagsbeard wrote:
Realize that people are more likely to report larger or smaller numbers than are typical, so don't rely on stories here other than for what they're worth. Another important number to work with is the chance of getting a 5L before getting a 6L. Many are happy to stop at this point. That number seems to be close to 90%.


People posting here are either

a) mad about their thousands of fusings spent
b) proud on their luck to link something with less than 50 fusings

It's really adorable how people still don't realize the math behind this. There will never be a specific margin at which you can realistically expect a 6L, because the chance to 6L are the same if you use 1 fusing or 1000. Averaging numbers has no statistic value since the odds are always the same.

I guess most people winning in the lottery have bought around 300 lots total in their life. Does that mean I will win in the lottery if I buy 600? Or 1200? No.

Not understanding math = moar rage.

This is why the lovely Tabula Rasa exists, for those of us not able to piss away 1-2k fusings for a half decent chest

Lol. First you don't 6L half decent chests but ilvl 78+ GG whites. Second Tabula Rasa is for summoners snapshotting only, have fun getting oneshotted by white mobs if you really wear a Tabula.
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