How many fusing you using when make 6 link your item?

I've made four.

First took 95
Second took 1,600
Third took 1,200
Fourth took 11

RNG, it's R.
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1 fuse to 6L. The base was an ilvl 77 white 6S dropped from a 77 map.

ilvl 79
300 odd jewels to 6S
120 odd fuse to 6L
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I've spent roughly 1000 fusings on my gear so far. Usually stopping at 5l.

I've gotten 1 6link on a marohi, after 2 fusings, I've hit about 15 5links on other gear.

I'm trying to 6l a Kaom's primacy, i'm about 300 fusings in, 5 5L, no 6l
not going to say how many on my first 6link.
people might get mad

certainly not saying how many on my second 6link.
people will uninstall game
Vorici can shove his fuse up his [removed]
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500 Whetstones and about 40 Fusings.

450-480 fusings
5Linked it 5-6 times.

916 fusings. I've since quit playing after failing to link this. I've got plenty of exalts in stash to buy fusings, but enough is enough. Thought I'd try my hand at crafting my own piece, but really, the final reward wouldn't even be worth the months it took to grind all those.
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Best advice on the matter has probably already been covered in someone else's post but if not here goes:

DONT attempt to 6L anything that isnt worth spending 2000 fusings on. Best bet it to look at 6-Links as a "Bonus" that sometimes occurs while 5-linking items.

Not many items are worth overwriting a 5-Link so its usually in your best interest to stop there.
If you would do it right youd 6l with 13 fuse like i did. Youre doing it wrong

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