4000 Hour mute for trying to let other people have a great time

Because my other character riped and some other games i regulary play got some good updates i decided to quit a league, as a more or less tradition I decided to let other people do stuff like guessing numbers or typing certain sentences to get currency from me.

As a big reward I got a 4000 hour mute. I already tried to appeal through email but it got denied. 4000 hours = 166 days, thats 5 1/2 months for giving away free stuff in a chat that was dead anyway (the chat i used was trade 1 in hardcore crucible, anyone who ever played trade hc befor knows that the league is pretty much dead after a maximum of 3 weeks since people get frustrated from rips).

I know that this post will probably not help, I mainly also want to warn others who want to be nice community members and give away stuff. Dont do it, charity events are not allowed in wraeclast. Cheers.

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(Edit was a link to the screenshot)
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Thank you very much for posting your concerns, we really appreciate the feedback! I have passed your message on to a senior member of staff, who will be contacting you soon to discuss this issue privately.

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