The Forbidden Sanctum edition of Kirac's Vault Pass and the new set of Core Supporter Packs are now available on PlayStation 4!

Find out more about Kirac's Vault Pass here and check out the contents of our annual Core Supporter Packs contents in the video below.

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Where can i buy the core pack whit the atlas hideout
i have been looking every where cant fint it
when i click on the core packs just tranfer me to sony site where path of exile is there is noting to click on

The Atlas Hideout is an in-game item which comes from the purchase of the Voidborn Supporter Pack - please note that the PlayStation store is wallet capped so you may have to purchase the lower tier Core Supporter Pack (Tormentor Supporter Pack) and work your way up to purchasing the Voidborn Supporter Pack.

However, if you are having issues locating these packs in the PlayStation store could you please contact with screenshots of what is displayed for you? Including your account name and character names as well would be greatly appreciated.

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