The cluster jewel notable "Touch of Cruelty" does not work with chaos attacks.

Shppy wrote:
The cluster jewel notable Touch of Cruelty says "Chaos Skills have 10% chance to Hinder Enemies on Hit, with 30% reduced Movement Speed", however it doesn't work with any chaos-tagged attacks i've tried (cobra lash, toxic rain, caustic arrow, poisonous concoction).

I know hinder is generally tied to spells, however as this line says 'skills' while every other source of hinder on hit does specify 'spells', clearly there's a bug here. Either the wording is wrong or the implementation is. Hoping it's the latter, frankly, as a niche means of hindering with attacks is more interesting and useful, and there's a rather low supply of chaos hit spells to even use it otherwise.

Thanks for your report, I'll pass this on.

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