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[3.16] Bella's Dancing Duo Occultist 2.0

Old Thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2235258


Patch Musings:
So after a bunch of tinkering I believe I've restored the build to its former glory and more. The previous relative high end is not cheap though. It makes use of cluster jewels as well as essence crafted Crusader rings to restore the ES gutted from Occultist. Triad Grip and respeccing the swords support for full Chaos damage has added a lot of damage, in line with the monster HP buffs since this build was created. Just this league as well, 4W Triad grip became "easy" to make, a 4 star Vorici rolls 1-6 sockets, and despite weighting against 5 and 6 sockets, it hits 4W reliably enough (I'm on 5 successes and 3 failures, and my SO has been extremely successful). What is nice is that Envy Aul's is a lot cheaper now. Krangle league is also amazing because the negatives on a Dancing Duo don't affect you when your weapon slot is disabled, and DD's dont give a crap about survivability.

With the aura changes I've had to shuffle them around a bit, dropping the 2nd Curse and Haste in exchange for Determination and Purity of Elements. Both these aura's shore up the major weaknesses of the build (Physical Damage mitigation and ailment immunity), and Purity means we don't need mirror tier rings with the mods we want (Crusader %ES, and Redeemer %Minion Damage) - in fact as shiny as mine look (and value), they're pretty much SSF, just Awakener Orb the two mods we want together, the rest is bonus. If you're really unhappy with them you can lock prefixes and used a veiled chaos to get more useful suffixes (like the Veiled + Endurance charge mod). The old setup using the 4link shav's is still a viable option and both variants have tanked shaper slams, something unheard of for this particular build.

Support Spectres are now Carnage and Host Chieftains, since they've been recently changed to cast their charges on a 5s cooldown, so they're extremely reliable now. The other support minion will be the carrion golem, simply because of the buff it provides. There's a pretty reliable crafting method to get a +Minion level, + minon health and -Chaos res on helm, but it can potentially cost 10-35ex in crafting resources. These mods will enable you to also run an Animated Guardian with the associated support items and an extra Host Chieftain gives us the security to use a Critical Damage gem. The build sits at 40% crit just from power charges and precision, so Kingmaker is a pretty big buff, and if you can afford, Ephemeral Garb shores up the crit immunity (My current character only dies to 280 krangle stacks with crit mods, (but that's rare - I'm lvl 98 which is 2 more than I've ever been)

For now I present to you the return of the Dancing Duo Occultist. The only thing that stands in its way is Maven fights not having a staging area and accidental triggering of "Immune to Chaos damage" Expeditions...

tl:dr Triad Grip and Cluster Jewels make up for the nerfs that gutted this build. The new flask nodes enable all content that wasn't possible before. Core changes are Enlighten-Determination-Discipline-Despair-Precision and Aspect of the Spider reserved on Mana and Purity of Elements-Defiance Banner reserved on life. Support minions are Carnage and Host chieftains with a Carrion Golem. Beefy helmet allows us to run an AG as well as spec into crit. Redeemer/Crusader Rings as well as an Elder/Hunter helm are the "chase" rares.

PoB for my first Maven kill: https://pastebin.com/07pyfyJj

Midrange Tree:

Budgetish Tree:

Luxury Tree:

3.16 preliminary thoughts
EDIT 4/11/21
I've updated my old character with the new Scourge skill tree if anyone is still interested. Reservations have been shifted around, new flask nodes incorporated. I'm pretty sure with a bit more focus on to reservation and squeezing in a defensive aura, that the build is manageable again.

Damage is more than adequate especially with Triad Grip, but I think survivability has taken too much of a hit, especially when you consider that the build I'm linking has legacy gear equipped, it's a mixed bag though since a current Shav's and Rare's will provide you with more ES. It's a shame though, because the flask charge regen has actually opened up a lot for the build, such as finally having some flexibility for an anti-ignite flask and dealing with all content. I'm going to continue maintaining the build, until someone comes up with some ideas for a post 3.16 build for a chaos damage DD. I don't play the game much anymore, so I'm not as well versed in the possibilities as I used to be.


Thoughts on a possible 3.8 resurgence:
EDIT 14/01/20
I updated the PoB based on my Delve character but at this point it's riddled with now Legacy Abyss Jewels. Triad Grip even with only 3 white sockets does provide an insane increase in damage plus the Carrion Golem and Skitterbots also provide some great increases however the gutting of Multistrike means you will have to channel the Wither skill combo to get the 70% damage boost that Withering Touch can provide. These damage boosts are only in line with the monster health buff this league though so you will still feel squishy because of the nerfs to Vile Bastion and lack of Wicked Ward.


3.7 viability
As of 3.7 this guide will be in maintenance as it is no longer a viable all-purpose build. The gutting of Occultist ES and the abyssal jewel nerfs leave the build with too little ES to recommend to just anyone. It's still playable though

I recommend checking out the Scion variants and I myself will be playing an aurabot variant. Perhaps I'll make a guide for that as well...

EDIT 20/08: The core concept of the build (clear-speed based DD) will still work and sacrifices to damage can be made in favour of ES. It's playable but I can't guarantee all content and you'll have to use your own knowledgepool to make the build work for you

Beefcream has posted a variant with an ES pool that doesn't require perfection to play

Beefcream wrote:
This has been my favorite build since Betrayal, and I didn't want to give up on it yet. POB with current gear arrives at 7.1k es by 92 if anyone is interested in trying still.

POB: https://pastebin.com/cR5H6H9m

3.7 initial thoughts:
After a couple of leagues of indirect buffs we're in for some nerfs. I was kinda hoping a passive 2 handed weapon buff would give us another league of indirect buffs but the nerfs to Occultist, ES and abyssal jewels are going to have a major impact on the survivability and a noticeable impact on the damage of the build. I haven't checked out the numbers yet but if 6.5k ES isn't realistically achievable then I'm going to have to recommend against trying this build unless you're good at the game itself. That kind of life pool will leave very little room for error. EDIT: 5.5K ES. RIP build.

3.6 preliminary thoughts:
The new curse effectiveness changes amounts to a around a 17% increase in damage against bosses. The new convocation cooldown also now allows us to reliably proc the increased minion damage mod if you've used a minion skill recently so that mod has now increased in value for the build. (Plus the new cooldown is a massive quality of life change). As a result both variants of my build sit at 1M total DPS =D

3.5 preliminary thoughts:
Seems that the build itself is largely unaffected by the changes, just by the scarcity of CotP because of non Delve focussed league. I wouldn't recommend this as your very first build in Betrayal as a core of the build is health reservation which is impossible without Shavronne's Wrappings and those carry a hefty price at the start of a league. There's a preliminary 3.5 PoB link with Poachers Mark and the Banner of War to make up for the scarcity of CotP

3.5.0d SOFT BUG: The Dancing Dervishes seem to get "stuck" inside fortification doors, haven't had a major problem but could get problematic. Upon further investigation it just seems cyclone in general just becomes unusable if any part of the cyclone would hit beyond the door.

Minion Taunt can cause the Mastermind and the Vaal Omnitect to not move on to the next phase. Against the Omnitect if you have perma taunt you'll have to resort to unsocketing the taunt jewels (I suggest socketing those in your equipment slots) but against the Mastermind the Arena is large enough that you can convocate the swords to the opposite side of the arena; should give enough time to let the taunt wear off.

10/10/18: Added points to stress that the more expensive parts of this build only adds 20% tops.
12/10/18: Created new category of items, updated notes on Vaaling. Added corrections to Damage on Full Life gem explanation
14/10/18: Updated with Delve 650 video
16/10/18: Uploaded deathless Uber Elder video; added Delve Event at depth 671; added corrupted gem priorities and added new PoB link
22/12/18: Updated with Tri-Curse variant and little 3.5 details
10/11/22: Updated PoB with the changes made to the game


Hello there Exile!

Welcome to the guide to my Dancing Duo Occultist which I used to become the 2nd deepest summoner in Delve League and killed The Maven upon my return to PoE in Scourge. I'll start with a little anecdote to explain how I came to be so fascinated with the Dancing Duo unique and how I worked out a build which simply put trivialized nearly all the content in the game. I hope you take the time to read through everything as this is a different playstyle than you'll be used to.

Every league I've seen one video of someone doing a really juiced Dancing Duo build... and it looks f*****g amazing


Baeclast #29

Delve League Rankings:

Summoner depths as of 1600 CEST 16/10/18 in Delve SC:

Dancing Duo Delve SC rankings @ 00:00 20/10/18


So let's start from the beginning, I started playing in Incursion and had a blast with an Ice Shot chain character centred around stacking the AoE cones. Around two weeks in I get my first natural six link drop which was a Reaver Sword. My partner suggested to me that I should chance it and lo and behold after 2 chance orbs it chanced into a Dancing Dervish, it was fate and how I would experience the majority of PoE would be decided.

I started playing a Necromancer/Juggernaut build which while very tanky was sorely lacking in two key areas:

a) Damage, when I did Shaper I had around 115k DPS per sword which was sufficient as the Shaper fight is essentially a dance around his animations. The damage became a real issue against T16 Architects in incursions and in my Uber Elder attempts when decayed ground and volatile bubbles built up too much. With a set of uber 4 mod jewels I might've topped out at 245k DPS per sword but I was certainly not rich enough to afford this. Even that wouldn't have felt like a huge upgrade as it wouldn't be enough damage for a major qol change in Incursions and the Uber Elder fight.

b) Sustain; With flask effectiveness the worm flasks were very good at sustaining life and mana on a Mind over Matter build. However in fights where I would have to use all charges on the flasks to summon the swords, which is the majority of end game bosses and any big hits meant I usually had very few charges with which to recover my health pool. This became a real problem in the Uber Elder fight with degen ground everywhere.

The Concept:
So before Delve League started I started brainstorming and came up with a Low Life Occultist for the following reasons:

a) Chaotic Bloom would provide consistent quick clearing of packs in maps and with the new minion damage nodes essentially providing global damage I would end up with a Chaotic Bloom that dealt 148% of the monsters HP in damage, this would make quick work of even high HP rares (including 5M HP Spiders in deep Delves)

b) The extra curse would provide more extra damage (or even defense) than the generic minion damage nodes that the Necromancer has. Since I ended up with 513% increased minion damage the 125% from Necro doesn't actually provide more damage than a curse. The defensive option helps with flexibility.

c) Being low-life necessitates the Occultist ES nodes, they provide me with 1300ES and the anti Energy Shield recharge interruption is essential.

d) Occultist has the best portrait and the Witch holds two handed swords in the cutest way.

Summary of the build:

This build focuses on playing second fiddle to the swords, effectively functioning as "just" a support featuring a curse aura (Despair) and 5 traditional auras (Determination, Discipline, Purity of Elements and Envy) as well as buffing the swords with a Spirit Offering and constantly withering through the Occultist's Withering Presence and our own Divergent Wither. 2 Carnage Chieftain's and 1 Host Chieftain Spectres will be used as supports and generate frenzy and power charges for the swords. Finally, once we've got the appropriate helmet there's also an aurabot Animated Guardian and a 2nd Host Chieftain to spec into critical damage. If you ever wanted to play an aurabot but didn't want to party up or spend hours min maxing reservation then this is the build for you :P. We try to convert as much physical damage to chaos as we can with Triad Grip and scale that up with Spirit Offering, Occultist Wither and the Despair Aura. The budget variant runs with a second curse, Enfeeble, instead of Determination.

My current build is sitting at 2.5M DPS per Sword which essentially puts a short Doom timer on every boss you fight as the boss races to kill you before it gets shredded. The budget recommendations should allow you to reach 50% of that power pretty easily as the core fundamentals of the build is enough to speedily clear red maps.


Core Items:

The Dancing Duo:

When the player is on a rampage (15+ kills) two highly aggressive animated swords are summoned which cyclone through enemies. During this the players weapon slots are disabled but the player gains onslaught. The swords are immune to damage and have a pretty good aggressive AI and they have a long tether range. With some minion speed jewels and possibly a minion speed support gem these swords will clear the screen quickly, leaving you little time to even loot or even keep up to proc chaotic bloom. You'll find yourself playing like an autobomber that can boss very effectively. Plan your routes through maps so you can keep moving from pack to pack and train yourself to absentmindedly keep up the rampage. With some practice and experience you'll just be lazily running through maps. The bonus in 3.16, is that negative scourge modifiers on the sword stop affecting you when the swords spawn - the weapon slot is disabled after all.

Behavioural oddity:

Against single targets the Dancing Duo's sometimes do a long pathing Cyclone not hitting the target 50% of the time and sometimes they do a Cyclone that's efficient and absolutely shreds the HP of everything. This behaviour is why the concentrated effect support gem is sadly suboptimal. A further note is that the swords take on the properties they would gain when they spawned, any gem slot change on your end would have no impact. (heck you're swapping out gems in a disabled slot) This reason is why I recommend going for a weapon range enchant and the Behead Support.

Corruptions and Scourge:
So, corruptions for DD is controversial, and I'm on the side of not even attempting a corruption. RT used to be the best, and only worthwhile corruption (other positive mods are fine, but require taking care of the accuracy), but now that we've got a decent amount of crit going, it's actually detrimental. What is amazing on DD are scourge modifiers. The negatives stop affecting you once the sword spawns, and the sword doesn't give a crap about any survivability negatives.

Shavronne's Wrappings:

As we'll be reserving life we'll have to wear Shavronne's Wrappings to prevent chaos damage from eating at our 54 effective life pool. It's a solid ES base and I chanced a 30% quality Occultist's Vestment to squeeze a little more ES on to a build that is low on ES gear. You'll be glad to hear that six link is not required, only a 4 link for the starting auras setup. The up to date min max version of the build does require a 6 link as we need to enlighten as many auras as possible.

Triad Grip with white sockets:

This, this is what has kept the Chaos DD up to date. White sockets seem pricey at first, but even with 2 there should be enough damage for Guardian level fights. Despite the market price, they're fairly easy to obtain - 4 Star Vorici (Have a 3 star Vorici anywhere in research when you kill Catarina) will give 1-6 white sockets to any item. We only need 4 :)

Commandment of the Grave is actually an amazing enchant now that we don't insta spawn the swords, They can take care of the first trash mob with ease and get you going without having to wat 5-10 seconds for flask charges.

Crusader Stygian Vise with Strength

Woo some ES and an abyss socket. Strength is also a very high priority. There's a belt enchantment that's perfect for the build.

The Writhing Jar

With at least 18% reduced flask charges on the flasks and the belt for a total of 36% you'll be able to use the first two flasks 3 times and the last one twice (leaving a charge leftover) in order to summon 16 worms to proc rampage and summon the swords. If you have a set of 20% flasks you can go with 16% reduced charges on the belt, should be cheaper. Although now with Replenishing Remedies anyone can have infinite rampage and 2 flasks, the above info is still relevant when you're gunning for luxury. I personally have a 3rd flask in my inventory with the increased flask charge enchantment for when I end up in situations where I need to re-summon swords quickly.

Minion Damage Cluster Jewel

You're looking for ES and Minion attack speed. I played the majority of scourge without an increased effect affix, but investing into better and better cluster jewels should be the main money sink.

Ghastly Eye Jewels

What you'll be looking for in your minions jewels in order of priority are:

1. High energy shield, 30+
2. At least one jewel with a minion taunt mod
3. At least one jewel with a minion blind mod (optional now with the blind changes)
4. Minion Physical Damage
5. Increased minion damage if you have used a minion skill recently
6. Enemies withered by you have -2 to all resistances
7. Minion attack speed
*. % increased Global defenses, rare and expensive delve mod, but can make a jewel that gives you up to 280ES! A more defensive option as it would take the place of the minion physical damage mod prefix. This is now a legacy mod.
*. Increased minion movement speed, if you're finding it difficult to craft minion movement speed jewellry then this is a suffix you should look out for

3.5 Note: Since Arakaali's Fang is now "meta" ES Minion jewels are priced accordingly :/

3.16 Note: Arakaali's Fang is meta again as well as Chaos Animate Weapon (An animated weapon summon saling off chaos conversion damage? hmmmmmm). ES Minion and Abyssal Jewels will be more expensive, but also the lower end stuff should be more readily availabe:/

Animated Guardian Equipment:
Dying Breath
Increases your own curse effectiveness and the guardian auras, Victario's Charity and a Brightbeak can be an alternative to generate frenzy charges, budget option.
The staple weapon for support Animated Guardians, expensive option.
Leer Cast
Increased damage aura, can be substituted with a rare helmet with an increased phys/chaos damage taken as suggested by Ofnir_; might be a bit pricey though.
Mask of the Stitched Demon
Massive Regen for the AG in combination with the Grave Intentions Keystone. Expensive option but highly recommended
Ambu's Charge/Belly of the Beast/Bloodbond
Simply looking for tankyness, %HP is ideal, so is high armour and chaos res.
Garb of the Ephemeral
Fortify, Crit Immunity, Slow immunity, what more do you want? Expensive.
Victario's Flight
Increased movement speed? Increased movement speed.
More health! Otherwise, some ilvl 85 Hunter Gloves with intimidate on hit will do fine, or corrupting blood immunity gloves from Delve.

Recommended Items:
Elder Bone Helmet, Elder ES Helmet, ES Helmet

The Bone Helmet implicit is self-explanatory and an Elder Bone Helmet can roll some much needed minion support gems for your Spectres and Animated Guardian, a luxury more than a necessity a high ES Elder helmet would be significantly cheaper. If you're really tight on budget it's very easy to spec into tri-curse with a Heretic's Veil and reserve two auras with life. A bit more money and a simple high ES helm with a great defensive alternative.

Essence of Fear/Bound Fossil Rare Jewellry

What you're looking for is resists and possibly some STR and DEX. Essences of Fear will save you on Divines but Fossil crafting can be targeted better with an elemental fossil of the resist you need. Two or even 3 pieces of jewellry with increased movement speed negates any need for a minion speed support gem. Personally I was fine with a high resist VG and a ring that filled in my cold resists until I was able to craft jewellry with the resists/stats I needed. Later on into the game you can start awakening rings together as you'll see below

ES Boots

With + Spectre these boots are expensive but just some normal ES boots are a great alternative and will do fine, remember we're boosting the swords, not relying on Spectres. What you're looking for is at least 150 ES from the boots. Movement speed is less important because of the movement speed bonus from rampage but it's really nice.

Luxury Items:

Aul's Uprising, Envy Edition

The free Envy Aura, % global defenses and stats are perfect for the build, but expensive. 7-10% more damage. A rare amulet will provide you with a lot more flexibility. The anoint is personal preference, but I highly recommend Ravenous horde, with Prismatic skin being a solid defensive anoint.

Elder/Hunter Bone Helmet

Now we're talking money, the -Chaos Res aura is now in the form of a Hunter mod so if we want to make the helmet we made in Delve we'll have to use some Awakener and Maven orbs.

Crusader/Redeemer Rings

ES and Minion damage, what more could we want? My recommendation is to just smash two existing mods together with an Awakener's Orb, looking for more than that will require significant investment, and crafting knowledge.

Crusader Stygian Vise with reduced flask charges used

So you've got the awakened and Mavened rings and helm, what's next? Well we return to the belt, except combining the desired mods into one.

Ultra Luxury:

So you've got around 50 ex to spare? Well then it's time to spec in to crit by crafting a +3 Minion skills Bone Helmet with Minion Life and the -Chaos Res aura. This is done by using Sanctified, Bound, Faceted and Corroded fossils to obtain the +3 and Minion Health prefixes, and using the Chaos Harvest craft while locking the Prefixes. This can take anywhere from 10 to 40 ex to craft, but it's a reliable outcome. In combination with a +1 to Spectre gem boots and a 21/20 spectre gem, we can grab a 2nd Host Chieftain and grab an Animated Guardian.


PoB/Skill Tree, Ascendancies:


Skill Tree @98

Theoretical PoB's:

Midrange PoB:

Budgetish PoB (Based on 4link Shavs):

Real PoB Snapshots:

PoB as I started mapping in 3.16:

PoB as I was progressing through red maps in 3.16:

Guardian Farming PoB:

PoB my first Maven kill:

Lategame PoB:

Final Scourge PoB (Malediction Bossing Spec):

Top Scourge DPS:

What's possible in standard:

Alternate Trees:

4Link Shav's Tree:

Final Tree:

OG 3.4 Level 95 PoB (State of the build during the Delve 671 video)

I would start by reaching out to Grave Intentions, Spiritual Aid (Minion Accuracy node) and Death Attunement via Arcanists Dominion. This leg can be refunded once you reach Arcane Vision via the Scion ES wheel to save a point overall. Make sure you've taken all the major ES nodes by level 68 when you'll equip the Sword and Wrappings and balance the minion damage, curse effectiveness and reduced mana reserved nodes with the jewel sockets. I recommend levelling with a simple SRS setup supported by Zombies and Banner Spectre's until you can actually equip the DD. You can even grab Grave Intentions while levelling for the extra Zombie. The modern higher investment build does end up a bit different, reaching out early on to Death Attunement, Charisma and Leadership.

We start off with Profane Bloom to aid us while levelling and then grab Void Beacon and Vile Bastion. We finish off with Withering Presence for the damage boost. The budget variant specs into Malediction instead to support the 2nd curse.

Eliminate them all as the skill points are the most valuable.

Pantheons: (outdated)
Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Shakari for the chained projectile avoidance (pretty much required on any minion build, and Tul, screw you and frost blades) and the poison reduction is my personal preference.

Gems & Skills:

The Dancing Duo:

Since the Dancing Dervishes are immune to damage and always at full life this gem is core as it's one of the biggest damage boosts around. Is edged out by Awakened Added Chaos Damage in combination with Void Manipulation, but retakes the lead with the Golem helmet enchant.
Turns out according to GGG Rhys that the swords are just highly resistant to damage. Well we're giving the swords a nice juicy Discipline aura as well as using Spirit Offering so the damage on full life gems' value doesn't change. In fact I'd still recommend it on all Duo builds.

Minion Damage!, absolutely core.

Even though the skill DD uses, Cyclone, can not be supported by multistrike, the minion is still supported by the gem and gains the more attack speed. Again core. If you're confident in wither stacking, you can swap to Awakened Melee Physical damage with its built in intimidate.

Faster Attacks synergises the Wither Stacking and is more flexible while you don't have 100% phys conversion. Surprisingly enough, Awakened Void Manipulation already provides more DPS once you have 2W sockets on your Triad Grip and should be the goal.

With around 22 attacks per second total these swords will very quickly apply max Wither stacks, the 30% Phys as extra chaos is a nice bonus. Essential.
Here's a video demonstration why. Can be upgraded to Increased Critical Damage once you're confident in applying wither and the presence of 2 Host Chieftain's.

Remember how I mentioned some inefficient pathing by the DD's while single target cycloning? Well the weapon range from a level 21 Behead takes care of that. ITs also a 50% damage boost in the most dangerous boss phases.


I run my Spectre and Carrion Golem setup in the helmet of course; minion life is used to increased their survivability as that's the only priority. Our own Purity provides them with more than enough Resistances. Once we have the right helmet, we can slot in an Animated Guardian, and the luxury helmet accommodates 4 spectres with the right boots.


The boots contain the Skitterbot/Aspect of the Spider, as well the Despair and Enfeeble curses supported by Blasphemy.
The Modern variant dumps the active skills into the boots. Sadly with the mana cost while channelling changes we can't afford the automated set-up anymore. Divergent Wither allows us manually stack Wither faster.


The 4-link in my armour is the Cast Unearth/Desecrate and Spirit Offering while channeling Wither set-up. You'll use this as a damage boost against bosses as well as to "guide" your Spectres and Swords. The other two slots are filled in by Phase Run and Convocation for the utility. No space to support these gems sorry :/ Convocation doubles as a sort of clearance bomb (it too procs the increased minion damage jewels) and guarantees a Chaotic Bloom proc to clear your immediate vicinity. Desecrate will provide you with a longer duration Spirit Offering whilst Unearth will provide constant ES replenishment and a shorter buff with no other corpses around.

The modern variant of the build runs with a 6 link Enlighten-Blasphemy-Despair-Determination-Precision-Discipline set-up.

Important Note:
Leave the wither at level 1. There's nothing to be gained from us levelling it.


The last equipment slot with gem slots will contain the auras. Discipline is required because of our already limited ES pool and Precision gives the accuracy the swords need. The Modern variant runs Arrogance, Purity of Elements, Defiance Banner and Molten Shell.

(constantly updated)
Game Progression:

Yeah I've pretty much only played this most leagues, I usually plan on playing with some Zombies as some extra meat shields and a Hybrid lifestyle until I can chaos recipe to afford a basic Shavs and the prophecy. Most leagues I'm usually ahead of this planned progression curve. This league particularly, being able to clear entire maps twice, with the 2nd time being as if you were magic finding, has massively accelerated my "planned" progression.

After getting the basics together I alt regal myself some jewels and keep upgrading the ES on my gear. I played most of this league with a 10 point cluster jewel with only minion attack speed and T2 ES, no increased effect, which I feel should be attainable for a lot of people.

After that it's just alt/vaal atlas progression - the build doesn't really care about any map mods so I get the bonus objectives done usually on first completion of the map. This particular league, because they were new fights to me, I stalled on doing Sirius and The Maven, but I was doing Uber Elder/Cortex because I knew the fights (and minon taunt makes the Cortex Boss laughably easy, even in The Feared).

The major damage boost comes from conversion gloves and that enabled me to do the Formed, Twisted etc. fights with relative comfort.

Notes on potentially problematic content:
The most difficult content is probably Minotaur because of the arena effects, the lightning walls kills the sword attack and movement speed completely but a combination of flame dash and convocation alleviates this. Stay vigilant and pay attention to his dives as he will be doing that frequently, try and get him to stack up his falling rocks in the same area. It is however extremely difficult to recover that particular fight if you die and the Minotaur is far away from the entrance.

Eradicator is just annoying if he does his minion phase during the first phase and you used all your flask charges to summon your swords instead of saving 1 use.

Chimera with monsters can not be taunted should also be avoided because the smoke phase becomes quite dangerous on an ES character (although with phase run and 1000 rampage you should be able to cover all smokes even if he targets you, would not rely on this though)

For Hall of the Grandmasters I would suggest socketing in a Decay gem for those pesky CWDT builds.

Everything else non-delve is trivial including Abaxoth although in all likelihood the monkey and guardian would not survive an Abaxoth encounter.

As for Delves the most problematic Delves is a combination of extra HP, bloodlines and reduced curse effectiveness because the amount of EHP you have to plow through it can get a bit overwhelming. Ghost bears with Bloodlines can get a bit sticky as can Drop Bear + Beyond.

Ahuatotli, Kurgal and Aul are all possible but require paying close attention to the much shorter cues. I'll try and get videos of them when I can.


Thanks for taking a look at my build guide! Feel free to make suggestions on how to improve the guide, first plan is to add a more detailed breakdown of the skill tree as well as tips on how to deal with different bosses and Delve events.


In case you're interested in my lootfilter:


Associated sound files: (has an old filter for synthesis as well, you can ignore that)

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I was hyped when i read your name again - shame that you dont play anymore, loved the build back when it worked properly on a low to medium budget.
Seems like the build needs a lot of work to remain somewhat functional... Sadge
Heh, have no fear though, I've got an up to date build in proofing that involves an Inpulsa's and Chains of Command, which eliminates the one weakness of this build - which was no mitigation against on-death effects - Profane bloom is awesome, but doesn't clear bodies. Plus my Partner is playing a 5ex version of that build that's chaining T16's. Stay tuned for that!

As for DD, I'm pretty sure once I'm up to speed I can make a much more workable build with up to date defenses. 2 socket Triad Grip's alone are enough of a damage boost to start focusing on those aspects.
Glad to hear that - im excited for that and start hoarding my few little chaos orbs :D
So after a bunch of tinkering I believe I've restored the build to its former glory and more. It's not cheap though. It makes use of cluster jewels as well as essence crafted Crusader rings to restore the ES gutted from Occultist. Triad Grip and respeccing the swords support for full Chaos damage has added a lot of damage, in line with the monster HP buffs since this build was created.

I'd have to start working on what viable budget versions would look like, but for now I present to you the return of the Dancing Duo Occultist. The only thing that stands in its way is Maven fights not having a staging area and accidental triggering of "Immune to Chaos damage" Expeditions...

I've been testing things out in standard and So far the "toughest" fight I've managed to fight are the 4 Shaper Guardians. I wouldn't have thought this possible before but with the armour flasks you can actually take a hit and live. Still quite skill reliant though.

tl:dr Triad Grip and Cluster Jewels make up for the nerfs that gutted this build. The new flask nodes enable all content that wasn't possible before.

GG Endgame gear & Tree (my current Scourge build is way better)

My Current build (100+ ex value, but actually mostly ssf):

Midrange Tree:

Budgetish Tree:
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Not sure what kind of DPS numbers you're getting but if you went a Doryani Prototype route, and managed to balance resists you can get some decent numbers.

Rough build for when I convert minion dmg with Triads:

i am a little confuse, because the pob show a lot of skills gem in the sword but just 5 is enable and in the guide core items you show 2 swords that use some skills different, so it is for us chose one of that or use one 5link or use 2 swords for swap when clearing or bossing? and the weapon skills is really confuse there is a lot of gems, maybe i am being lazy and didn't see yet the explanation for it
Hello. Thank you for this nice guide. May i ask you some questions?
- There is some different details between your character and POB "https://pastebin.com/nC3JKxJh" like different ascendancy and tree points, skills, no %flask charg used on belt, ... which one should we follow?
- BTW on POB "https://pastebin.com/nC3JKxJh" there is only 5 supports for DD, which should be the last BIS choice? the 5 supports there are shown is: awak void manip, dmg on full life, awak minion dmg, wither touch, multistrike.
- Which spectres are you using? 1 silverback ape and 1 kitava's herald?

well, thank you for the guide, dd is always fun =D
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dollygm wrote:
Hello. Thank you for this nice guide. May i ask you some questions?
- There is some different details between your character and POB "https://pastebin.com/nC3JKxJh" like different ascendancy and tree points, skills, no %flask charg used on belt, ... which one should we follow?
- BTW on POB "https://pastebin.com/nC3JKxJh" there is only 5 supports for DD, which should be the last BIS choice? the 5 supports there are shown is: awak void manip, dmg on full life, awak minion dmg, wither touch, multistrike.
- Which spectres are you using? 1 silverback ape and 1 kitava's herald?

well, thank you for the guide, dd is always fun =D

m0g_lp wrote:
i am a little confuse, because the pob show a lot of skills gem in the sword but just 5 is enable and in the guide core items you show 2 swords that use some skills different, so it is for us chose one of that or use one 5link or use 2 swords for swap when clearing or bossing? and the weapon skills is really confuse there is a lot of gems, maybe i am being lazy and didn't see yet the explanation for it

Oh yall went straight for the theorized GG build :), I'm sorry I mucked up the gem links, but I've been able to finetune the build into a true 3.16 build, instead of a rehash, POB is at the top of main post, . Most of the skill tree should be familiar but the gem and aura setup is quite different.

The missing gem link is actually a lvl 21 Behead (as lvl 21 gems go, quite cheap, it helps massively with the cyclone pathing constant single target DPS) and the current spectres are full support - 2 Carnage Chieftains and a Host Chieftain since they are way more reliable in buffing as they got buffed this patch.
Thanks for the inspiration! Are we sure that Dancing Duo will still be in the game with the removal of Prophecy upcoming?

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