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Last bumped on Mar 7, 2020, 7:59:36 AM
IsodorRodosi wrote:
I would be very happy, if multistrike would always target the very nearest target of your current position, and not a random target.

I have a multistrike/flickerstrike/highcrit/terminus est char. Everything would be great and fine, if i not would permanent desync.
The reason it doesn't target the nearest one is because doing so is, far, far more prone to desync. If it targeted the nearest, you'd get out of sync more often and faster, because very small differences in monster position due to latency between client and server can very easily change which monster is the nearest to you.
Ellohir wrote:
also, you GGG arent consistent about multistrike
WE are, and in fact have no option not to be.
Ellohir wrote:
why multistrike with leap slam doesnt choose random targets
It does.
We can't have multistrike different for certain skills because multistrike is common to all attacks, and thus lives in the shared code that is executed by all attacks. It isn't separately implemented in every skill, that would be a ridiculous amount of code duplication, and a nightmare to maintain.
Ai0s wrote:
Mizzajl wrote:
The Multistrike support gem's damage penalty is now "Less Attack Damage" rather than "Less Melee Damage". This affects Lightning Strike's projectiles which were not intended to have no penalty with this support gem.

My gem just says "Less Damage" instead of the intended "Less Attack Damage"

how will this affect the explosion of infernal blow, or the minions of dominating blow?

if i dominate a melee mob it will probably work as intended, but if i dominate a ranged or caster mob will it have decresed damage without having the benefit of multistrike?

Can someone answer this? Does the 36% Less Damage apply to infernal blow's explosion? That sucks if it does because no other support gem can counter this damage reduction other than fire penetration. Considering multistrike's damage reduction balances the attack speed, it doesn't make sense to reduce a kill effect.

Assuming Infernal Blow's 125% damage effectiveness applies and multistrike's 36% less damage:
20% * (1.25 * 0.64) = 16% HP explosion vs 25%

A mob above the fire resist cap with fire penetration (0.6 effectiveness = 75%-35% resistance).
20% * (1.25 * .64 * .6) = 9.6% HP if Multistrike's 36% less damage applies.
Whoops. That appears to be a description error, I've fixed it for a future patch. It applies only to attack damage, the description was just wrong.
DefloS wrote:
i was trying to say that once my cyclone is casted WITHOUT multistrike(!) every single hit rolls its own crit chance as long as the cyclone continues.
No, this does not happen. All skills always roll the crit roll once per skill use, cyclone is no exception.
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Guys, I'm using it with Dual Strike and i noticed a problem: the target changes at each use
That's not a problem, that's the basic functionality of the gem.
Vanarchy wrote:
Got a mechanics question:
Let's say I'm dual wielding 2 weapons, first one has 8% base crit, second one has 5%. I know that crit is rolled once for all 3 of multistrike attacks, but which one of those 2 base crit chances (8% or 5%) are used for these calculations?
Depending on what you mean by that, the answer is either neither or both.

Neither: Crit chance is not involved in making the crit roll for the skill (this is the bit which only happens once). It's just a random number from 1 to 100. No crit chance is involved in picking it.
Both: For each hit the skill makes, it compares the relevant crit chance stat to the crit roll the skill made (factoring in any modifiers on the defending monster) to see if that hit is a critical. Hits made with the 8% crit chance weapon will use 8% for this purpose, hits made with the 5% crit chance weapon will use 5%.
That wasn't a riddle; I was just trying to explaini what happens in simple terms.
Vanarchy wrote:
With multistrike: As far as I know, if first multistrike hit is a critical, second and third skill hits are also guaranteed to crit.
This is not and has never been the case - that's what I was trying to explain. The crit roll is made only once per skill, but because the different hits have different crit chances, this doesn't mean all the hits are guaranteed to crit or not crit together.
keyarchan wrote:
I'm pretty sure the way it works is that when you use an attack you roll a random number between 1-100 which will be your crit range, this is not affected by crit chance. This is rolled once per skill use.

Lets say you roll 60. Your weapons have 8 and 5 crit chance respectively, neither of those reach up to 60 so you won't crit with any of them.

Next attack you roll 7. One weapon reach that number while the other doesn't and you'll therefor crit each time you hit with the weapon that has 8% crit chance and you won't crit with the one that has 5%.

The attack after that you roll 4. Both weapons are within that range and therefor will both crit each time they hit.
All of this is correct.
Emphasy wrote:
1. When I have Volls Protector which gets one and my first hit with the higher crit-chance weapon crits and I get a powercharge can this push the hit of the second weapon over the value?

Lets assume I roll 7 and one weapon has 8 and the other 6. Now I hit with 8, which is a crit and grants me a power charge. With that power-charge my second weapon has 9 as crit chance, does it score a critical hit or not?
Yes, in that case the second hit would be a crit, due to the increased crit chance.

Emphasy wrote:
2. If I use Dualstrike I can hit, crit or miss with each weapon separatly, if I'm not mistaken. How does this work with things like Volls or power-charge on critical, do both weapons have to crit, only the main one or any weapon?
When combining the damage packages from both weapons, if either was a crit, the whole hit counts as a crit for on-crit effects (since damage was calculated separately for each already, this won't apply the crit damage multiplier to the non-crit half of the damage, but the combined total hit gets "crit" set to true if either part was a crit.

Emphasy wrote:
3. With Multistrike and Power Charge on Critical I can only get one power-charge per Attack. I assume if any of the 3 hits crit I get a charge.
Yes. The first hit that crits will give a charge, any further crits with the same skill use will see that you already got a charge from that skill and not grant another.
sidtherat wrote:
i know this is another skill but..

what about firestorm?

i curse pack of mobs with Assassins Mark (grant Power Charge on kill, lets assume 100% chance)

and cast firestorm (lets assume of infinite duration)

after i kill first mob and get power charge, will subsequent firebombs get effect of increased crit chance?

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