Owned MTX availability in POE2

Will currently owned and future purchases be available for use when the game updates to POE2?
Last bumped on Jun 12, 2021, 1:06:49 AM
PoE 2 is the same game as PoE 1. We were calling it patch 4.0 before Exilecon, and that is a much better discripter for how things like MTX, HO layout, etc will progress. You will still have all your standard characters, stash, etc. It's nothing more than massive upgrade/overhaul to the game. That also means the current version with sockets in gear and the like will no longer be available, just as any other expansion permanently changes the game.
I strongly recommend avoiding all tools that price check. There have been several reported bans for breaching the ToS, and I suspect this is the cause.

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