Lethal Pride Interaction with Unnatural Instinct

FoxStorm_ wrote:
Lethal Pride Interaction with Unnatural Instinct is Bugged. Its giving me %increased attack speed when it should not do that.
here are some pictures:

Using lethal pride and unnatural on those scion spots. Class:Scion
Ascendancies: Inquisitor and Pathfinder

this is my APS with cyclone and Both Lethal pride and Unnatural equiped on those said spots.

this are the bonuses that Unnatural is giving me with Lethal Pride Equiped.

this are the bonuses that unnatural is giving me without Lethal pride equiped.

And Finally this is APS on cyclone without Lethal Pride Equiped.

And NO, im not getting attack speed Bonus from Lethal pride on my Allocated Large nodes. Im only getting 3 nodes that gets bonuses within Lethal Pride`s Range, as explained in the picture bellow.

In conclusion: There should be no reason at all why i should gain attack speed while Lethal Pride is equiped (small nodes only get +2 or +4 STR and the 3 Large nodes i allocated do not give me extra Attack speed bonuses via Lethal pride). So i belive the interaction between Lethal Pride and unnatural instinct is bugged (not sure if only on those spots tho)

I hope this helped. Its a really annoying bug lol

Thanks :3

Thanks for your report, this is occurring because Lethal Pride causes affected nodes to not be affected by other unique jewels.
The minor attack speed nodes you have allocated will start supplying attack speed to you when they are within range of Lethal Pride.

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