Automatic market acceptance

Could a way be inserted to automatically accept market offers, if a person requests 10 chaos on an item, and I send 10 chaos, why can't it be automatically accepted?
This would avoid price manipulation, if the person leaves without a price, then yes, I can send the offer I want and it is pending acceptance.
Last bumped on Jun 9, 2021, 9:50:38 AM
1000% agree, we DESPERATELY need this. Price fixing has become absolutely insane, to the point where the majority of listings for any valuable endgame item or currency are fake. As just one example, one player this league had literally pages of fake exalt:chaos listings on both the buying and selling side at many different price points, making it almost impossible to exchange currency. Players spend quite literally hours and hours per week moving currency from offer to offer with no response or rejection even though they provided the listed buyout price.

It is difficult to describe in words how incredibly frustrating this is... wasting countless hours trying to buy items/currency and not being able to play the game. Sure PC players have to physically trade items, but they can instantly sort the trade listings by price to skip over price-fixers, block price-fixers so their listings don’t show up, and message as many sellers as they want without having to front the currency and submit only one offer at a time. Overall, trading is orders of magnitude easier and faster on PC than on console due to the rampant price-fixing and the fact there is very little console players can do to avoid it.

I’ve messaged price-fixers before asking why they do it? Why do they scam people? And they say it’s not because they enjoy it or are terrible people, it’s because GGG has set up a system where they are highly incentivized to do so. It’s incredibly easy due to the low supply on console, and they make 10 times more money scamming than by actually playing the game.

If an Auto-accept feature (if the listed buyout price is offered) was implemented, it would instantly eliminate this problem. I suspect GGG thinks this would make trading “too easy”... but as anyone who actually plays the game knows painfully well, with the current state of the console trade markets trading is ludicrously, obscenely difficult and time consuming. I can’t even imagine how frustrating this experience is for new players who don’t understand what’s happening and why no one will accept their offers. The game is undoubtedly losing countless players due to this issue. Such a shame... we all want the console community to grow, and I know for a fact this issue is hindering that growth as I’ve had friends quit solely because of this issue.
^ totally agree
Would also make buying from offline players better (and widen the market, sine we can buy immediately from offline folks).
When a particular player is online (which may be 24hrs a day, I haven't checked), more than half of the listings for Stacked Decks on PS4 are price-fixed listings from the same individual.

Actually more than half. And there's 1.5 pages of items, which is a pretty big number.

GGG, auto-accept would be a *huge* improvement to the game. If, for some reason, this is never going to happen, then *please* consider showing the guild & account(or most recent character from account) for each listing. It would still help combat price fixing, without making it any easier to get items on the trade market.
This. The price fixers are blocking progression and essentially forcing us into using trade chat (which is very sparsely populated) or playing SSF.

On ps4 primitive chaotic resonators are being price fixed. I spent 2 to 3 hours for 5 days straight sending offers for the listed prices and getting no responses. I HAD to use trade chat to find them. A simple crafting material took me 10 hours JUST TO BUY IT. All because of price fixers.

I have played every league on console and the price fixing is getting worse. It is not just an invoncenience anymore. It is dramatically affecting playability.

We need a solution.

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