Our Customer Support Team is Hiring!

Our customer support department is looking for new team members! If you live in Auckland (New Zealand), are very familiar with Path of Exile and have previous customer support experience, please email hr@grindinggear.com for more information.
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Grinding Gear Games
IGN: TitanVaolox

I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty, and witty and gay,
And I pity Any girl who isn’t me today!
Dakrath wrote:

the embarassing first page cringe posters are up early.

okay, let me joing

Ultimatum Master Craft Service in Ultimatum My IGN TreeOfDead
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2037371 Vouch
Ultimatum Masters Crafting All Service all crafts mods
Ultimatum SC Master Craft Service Ultimatum SC in USC craft!
Master Crafting Service in Ultimatum USC craft PM: TreeOfDead
This would be perfect for me, except I am in Melbourne, Australia and cannot relocate.
(Though I'd swap ScoMo for Jacinda any day).
Trihard 7
work from home.
fun in poe should never stop, yet people stop playing it half way thru, why ? to reach endgame and grind one same content over and over again, when people start understand, collecting scraps is not enough. and nobody wants to trade them to get ex wich allows slam eye closed for regen mod
I can copy paste.
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