Rogue Heist perks Text/description missing!

I noticed when playing path of exile with client version 3.14.1d AND 3.14.2, that during the Heist content whenever i press the league mechanic hotkey "V" in the Rogue harbour to access the Rogue management menu. In the Text box in between the Rogue equipment slots and the skill bars where the text "Heist Perks" and the rogue specific perk description underneath it should be, this text is completely missing! imgur picture provided! hopefully this will be fixed soon! thanks in advancement :)

EDIT: replaced url with a picture that inlcudes a bug reference number. (1.347.057.862)
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even though there has been a Reddit post about this issue too, the issue is not listed yet in the PC:"Known issues list", so bumping for visibility!
I'm having the same issue. Couldn't find any solution about this anywhere.
So I'll just help you update your thread for now. Hoping they recognize this issue soon.
Bump for visibility! :)
Same. Playing on Mac. Just noticed today. In the screenshots, the box below the items should have text describing the rogue's perks, but they're all empty.

bug report reference number: 1644406980



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Bump for visibility! (there should be a bump button for your OP, to prevent these manual bumps but its not available for me)
Thanks for the reports.
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