3.14.2 Patch Notes

3.14.2 Patch Notes

  • Added Increased Monster Area of Effect modifiers that can be used in Private Leagues.
  • Changed the Hateforge unique gloves to allow them to affect Vaal attacks used by traps and mines again. While these mechanics bypass the intended restrictions of Vaal skills in a similar way to totems, those cases are less abusable and the initial fix prevented interactions that players were using in the league, breaking those builds. This stat will return to preventing use with traps and mines in 3.15.
  • Fixed some calculation and snapshotting bugs that occurred when two instances of the same Vaal skill that had different soul requirements, which is currently possible when one is in the Triumvirate Authority unique ring. Souls are shared between the skills, but each skill now correctly maintains its own soul requirement and the appropriate amount of souls are consumed based on which of the skills is used. The modifier that allows storing enough souls for an additional use still has some odd behaviour, as the number of souls that can be stored fundamentally has to be the same for both skills - this modifier may be changed in future.
  • Map boss clones created by The Maven no longer persist after the map boss dies.
  • Fixed a bug with life regeneration on the "Inspirational" Champion Ascendancy passive skill not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the vendor recipe for three of the same maps could result in a legacy variant.
  • Fixed a bug where foil maps retained their foil art in certain corruption outcomes.
  • Fixed a bug where some skills would not move your character to be in range of a target on certain angles resulting in your character not using the skill.
  • Fixed a bug where Increased Attack and Cast Speed modifiers could not be unveiled on Quivers and Amulets.
  • Fixed a bug where players were sometimes unable to use non-English characters in chat.
  • Standardised the default cursor size between Retina and non-Retina MacOS displays.
  • Fixed a common client crash.
  • Fixed two instance crashes.
Last bumped on Jun 6, 2021, 7:35:48 PM
jdbydesign wrote:
Running Caldera T16 for over 5 times and cannot finish it because of game crushes and portals disappear after re logging to game, never had any crushes until this patch, any ideas?

Hey there,

We're looking into the problem. Sorry for the trouble!

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