♞♞ Deucalion's Mirror Service ♞♞

Hi everyone and welcome to my first Mirror Service thread, for more information check out down below : ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Most originals are for sale with a listed price, but PM me to negotiate if you'd like.

How Mirror Service works:
1) PM me on forums or in-game (MCCCXXXVIII - @잘못못) asking for mirror service.
2) I will double-check that everything is correct and mirror the item and trade you the newly mirrored item for my collateral plus the mirror fee.


1 mirror buyouts are for indexing, feel free to pm me with offers on the original.

Fees: All mirror service fees are listed under the item in exalted orbs.

Pain Coil, Opal Ring

~b/o 1 mirror (plus listed fee, for a copy - original not for sell - all mods are T1)
Copies: 2

Fee: 100 exalted for a copy (can be lowered)


If you wish to be on the list of 'Vouchers' do not hesitate to let me know.

I can stream on Discord (from TFT server - or video call in private) when mirroring the item.

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