Ultimatum failing on completion

multiple ultimatums and inscribed ultimatums failed on completion. Expecting to get that fun loot drop, only to get "better luck next time exile" when the ultimatum was completed is FUCKED.

((e)) Running a few more maps it seems to be more frequent in Valdo's Rest areas, and on survival ultimatums.
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I've had two of them tonight as well... Ultimatums that doesn't have a timeout or any other 'early termination' mechanics just suddenly fail...
Do you know what ruin does?
Same Problem 3 Ultimatums in a row just failed for no apparent reason. no Ruin mods no timer stuff
Had my first fail on completion. Lost some currency and a reapers persuit. Level 48 on oriath square. no extra timers or reaper. I had two blades, two miasmas and a zone shrink. I failed right next to the pedistal so I know i did not zone out.

Just had my second fail on the way out also in oriath square after defeating purity. 3 lightning strike, 1 haste, 1 phantasm. the event was to slay attackers.
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I had several Ultimatums fail, for no reason at all. I didn`t take the stuff that applies ruin. This started to happen after the latest Patch. Lost alot of Currency.... Plz fix this
Same happening to me. No defend mission. No ruin. In middle of the ring. Not quite sure whats going on.
same here :(
Thanks for your reports, there's 3 different modifiers which can cause Ruin-applying monsters to spawn.

They are:
- Restless Ground (level 3 only)
- Ruin
- Stalking Ruin

If possible could you please upload videos if this occurring without any of the above modifiers selected?
I have had this happen on a few Ultimatums as well for no apparent reason just fails at completion with no ruins and not protect the altar.

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