cant play the game after update

working for me now woohoo
Working for me now! Great job GGG!
It's working for me, but only for the base cursor. If I swap to the high contrast one, then the game freezes again when the cursor is in the game window.
You can manually edit your configuration folder from "my games" if you use the steam version. You can also get the game open by alt tabbing between a folder and the game but you won't be able to play. At best, I could type, and copy + paste into chat while the screen was frozen (keyboard does still work despite the screen being frozen), and click back onto my folder. Chatting can be done, but the game is effectively broken.

I would post a technical log of my PC but I forget what the file is even called and how to get it.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
Steam Client
Nvidia 980GTX
i5 4690K (Haswell) (stock speeds due to the game hating overclocks)
Raid-0 SSD + a few various platters.


It seems to be working now.
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it seems spawning moobs slow in game compare to before patching, i can see some huge lag, it is good i m not at high level yet, so penalty of death wont be pain
Yolomouse does not work anymore btw. Any time cursor focuses on anything notable outside inventory, the cursor turns into the original cursor.
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We have identified a new problem with the High Contrast mouse cursor.
We're working on a fix. Sorry for the trouble!
Cant run poe on steam, black screen on start, than poe.exe crash, have win 10 sad :(
Henry_GGG wrote:
We have identified and fixed the problem, we'll be deploying the fix as soon as we can.

The launcher doesn't even load for me. Process just hangs. Played fine yday.
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