3.14 Iceshot/Iceshot Barrage + Asenath's chant Bowzerker

3.14 Iceshot/Iceshot barrage hydrosphere zerk build

Presenting a ice shot build for my marauder that makes use the asenath's chant to cast curses,hexes and hydrosphere . It can be a currency pit but pretty flexible in terms of cluster jewel usage, jewerly and gems. DPS varies from 15-47 million ice shot damage for mob clear and Ice shot barrage with the range of 100-190+ million depending on my gear choice (using ballista support or not)

POB (has quant and full dps setup): https://pastebin.com/JYLx4WY8

- Just aim and Asenath's chant will activate curses/spells.
- Bonks bosses.
- Rage generation/Blitz
- Can use lightning arrow or tornado shot with simple gem/jewel swaps.
- Totems/Mirage archer can pick up the slack if you have to be mobile.

- Absurdly expensive if planning to use legacy gear.
- Mana intensive build (may need elreon or -mana craft)
- Not as tanky compared to ranger, susceptible to one shots.
- Requires certain player positioning to take advantage of hydrosphere.

Example of a maven fight:
Ice shot + anomalous barrage

Example of A9 Sirus:
Ice shot + anomalous barrage + ballista support

Example of Elder:
Ice shot + anomalous barrage + ballista support + Watchtowers

Complation of boss kills: https://imgur.com/a/Fc8vQsF

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