3.14.0c Hotfix 3

And this is how GGG sold out completely to become a tentacle of TENCENT, and once they tried to modify the microtransactions to make a gatcha machine of this game and with the support of TENCENT and these nerfs you can see where GGG is going.
Stop nagging and make another build.

If you think that something like "unlimited Vaal skills" was intended then you need a brain surgery.

I feel that you added a memory leak with one of the hotfixes. I am sitting at 5-6GB after a few minutes of play now, this cant be right.
Also with the latest patch the loading times for maps and zones are increased by a lot. Logging in to Oriath is taking me more than 30 seconds. Map loading times are doubled. I hear my character spawning while still beeing in loading screen.
Adding a mod that "removes costs" and being surprised that it removes costs is really really really short sighted.
TravellerNick wrote:
Today I noted an amulet I had no longer had Hatred has 30% reduced mana reservation. This mod used to have a mana tag allowing catalysts to scale it from its base peak of 25% to 30%. This mana tag is now gone and fertile catalysts have no effect on it. Is this a bug or intended?

Edit, to clarify asking here as I was skimming over all the patch notes and could not see this change listed anywhere (unless I am mistaken on that!).

fertile catalysts are not the only ones stealth nerfed

confirmed here

i honestly think GGG needs to announce EVERY nerf they put in place instead of forcing players to come to the forum to post suspected bugs only to find them intentional
apparently, calling someone daft, which only means silly or foolish, breaches the code of conduct...
● Personally attack or cause harm to the reputation of others
● Antagonise others in an obnoxious manner
so don't use big words like daft LMAO
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i remember ggg said they wont nerf anything on running league. it was delirium purposeful harbinger. whatever.
i saw dream, wilson didnt nerf harvest. he gave me remove life add life 0.05 chance to hit desired mod
just not impressed with constant nerfs overall league after league.

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I don't care about Nerfs anymore, because you can't do nothing to it. I only Play and SUPPORT, that's FAN.
And GGG loves biggest. But when D4 comes my love will have a new way.
re-installing the gear ceiling has significantly lowered my drive to push further after end game and to play longer. Please revert previous crafting changes.

as a normal player, crafting is once again out of reach due to limitations set for the 1%.


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