3.14.0c Hotfix

ariyako wrote:
so reward nerf again?

No, the rebalance of loot is actually a buff because in the previous hotfix they put a cap on the loot as a stopgap measure for the exploit. Now that they actually fixed the exploit (hopefully) they buffed the rewards again for survival.
Honestly how did they think survival and stones are going to go... Now they fixed one and not the other?
There was no need to fix the stone ultimatum, you stop getting exp and drops after a short while.
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I play for Jugger on ssf, circles are easy, but clearing for speed is often impossible above 5 (hello mechanic of invulnerability and stacking auras with rares).

I would prefer changes:
-Restless Ground now gives 20% chance [/ b] to return the soul of a slain monster to battle
-Small golems and rares with rhombuses no longer leave the battle arena = _ =
-30% of rare monsters are replaced by magic ones

please please please :3
Ty GGG for this hotfix,

where is the blights hotfix? alls bugged , i cannot do finish my blight anymore

I dont know if something was changed with the "slay mobs" ultimatum. But as a range i can basically touch the circle, run away and kill everything from outside the circle, and progression still counts.

So as long as you touch the circle at least once ever 4 sec you can pretty much clear whatever ultimatum combinations you want. Completely safe as well since mobs dont follow you outside of the circle.

You should probably make progression of any kind "stop" when there is no party member inside the circle.
Ty :)

Rewards from ultimatum seem really bad now though. Has it anything to do with this fix?
What about that black flickering texture of a ultimatum "menu" thats overlaping when making an ultimatum?
I just wanna mention herer befor that becomes the next exploit
you can do the same with the capture the stones ultimatum
just dont capture the stones.

Is that also bannable?
Is that intentional?

This doesn't work, tested and it stop when you dont go in stone circles for about 1-2 minutes. Please use league mechanic properly and report all bugs/exploits to avoid another ban hammer, Thank You! :)
My game is very bad now.

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