Reinhart wrote:
Are you honestly complaining that you need to turn on your auras after death? You got to be kidding right?

If you ever get to experience the pain of dying with an aurabot/aurastacker you will understand.

Hint: it feels like this:
Baharoth15 wrote:
The irrefutable argument is that the devs want you to suffer in some form when you die. Having to recast all your Auras is part of that. You can try and use logic and arguments and what not here but it's entirely worthless. The devs don't want it. End of story.

"devs want you to suffer in some form when you die."

"End of story"

May be you heard such an idiomatic expression: - "carrot and stick method"

After been killed the player suffers from death (experience loss) penalty and manual-aura-activation, - these ara sticks but what are the carrots??

Automatic translation into English

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