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Hi, I would like to know if Maven's witnesses and atlas passive be merged from Ritual league on the 12th of April. Currently I have maxed out progress in Ritual league and very little progress in Standard.

Also what will happen to Sirus and the conqueror's progress?
Last bumped on Apr 7, 2021, 10:45:51 PM
Hey there!

I'm afraid we aren't able to speculate about the upcoming end-of-league migration. In the past, however, the furthest progression between the permanent and the temporary league was the progression that was maintained. I do recommend keeping an eye on the Announcements sub-forum for any updates that might be posted regarding this. You can find the Announcements sub-forum here. I hope this helps!
Well, pretty sure if i encounter this i will file bug report instead next week.....since Maven's Invitation are coded as quest and quest in the past are carry over.

For Atlas however elderslayer progress can't remember it even merge or not for 3.9/10/11/12 end of league merges
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