Lightning Tendrils Max block (non-GB) 4-30 mill shaper DPS

Hello, and welcome to my first ever self made character. I originally was making it just for myself but decided to share on here in case anyone ever wanted to use lightning tendrils (or incinerate)
I found this build very fun, and I hope that someone else will too :)
This page is a work in progess.

Lightning tendrils elementalist that can achieve between 4 mill and 30 million shaper dps (range covers basic gear and lvl 82- all the way to lvl 100 and high end gear). This build can be adapted for incinerate quite easily, as all the element specific components can be switched from lightning --> fire.

This build is also very tanky, with a max block of 75% for both spells and attacks, and 75% chance to block projectiles, with 50% evade chance, and 40% physical damage reduction.

Core build idea
The core of this build is build around max block chance and does not use glancing blows. Its scales crit multi based upon your chance to block, and scales block-chance whilst chanelling (Stoic focus)

It also employs multiple annoints ( to help achieve max block), double curse, and stationary buffs (natures patience, arctic armour, soul of tukohama, Sporeguard, etc)

This build achieve max block by using the following:

- 7-8 stoic focus "+3 chance to block attacks/spells whilst channelling" (cluster jewel notables)

- Replica Reckless defence Jewel (from heists) +4% chance to block spells and attacks, 10% chance to be shocked, frozen, and ignited

- Sanctuary passive tree notable we anoint this (+4% chance to block spells and attacks while holding a shield, +12 to all elemental resistances while holding a shield

- Deflection passive tree notable we anoint this (+4% chance to block attacks + spells, 8% chance to block projectile, +40% defences from shields

- Command of steel passive tree notable we anoint this (1% increased damage per 1% chance to block attack damage, +3 % chance to block attacks) we later can change this to Assassination if we can get anough % over block cap for attack dmg ( not essential)

- a shield with 36% chance to block this is quite easy to achieve, you can find one like

for fairly cheap (obviously without all the tier 1 rolls- i crafted this one)
and later you can progress to a corrupted light of lunaris like this :

Cluster Jewels

* Two large cluster jewels with at least conjured wall and mage hunter

* four medium clusters, each with stoic focus (the crutch of this build), and Rapid infusion

* four small cluster jewels, each with stoic focus ( later you will swap one of these for the natural affinity cluster jewel)

You do not have to have ALL of these, only a few are essential. some of these will be switched out during progression.

* Sporeguard (Essential)- Bis item, and gives us a needed annoint

* Breathstealer Hydroscale Gauntlets Essential ( these are only until yellow maps) and will give you another annoint. you lose these later once you have awakened hextouch lvl 5

* Windshrieker Boots- these allow you place two curses on an enemy ( you will discard these later once you have awakened hextouch supp lvl 5)

*The Stampede boots (Essential) these will replace your windshriekers- once you have these boots, you should loose the Breathstealer gauntlets.

* Auls Uprising amulet (Essential) (wrath reservation) this will enable you to fit all the needed auras into this build, and gives nice crit strike chance

*Mark of the shaper opal ring- this is a huge boost in dps when used in conjuction with an elder ring

* Vessel of Vinktar Topaz flask

* Replica reckless defence Jewel essential( you don't need this until red maps). you will not need to worry about the ailments as your ascendency will make you immune.

Annointmentsusing three annointments really helps you to cap out on your block chance whilst using the great synergies that the annointable chest and boots give you with this build.
You will be using :

* Sanctuary
* Command of Steel - This can later be swapped for Assassination if you get a lucky shield corrupted implicit (+5% chance to block)

PoB links
Please be patient whilst I create more pages that feature progression.
I have attached my current endgame build but will include many more tiered pages later. (POE ninja page)

Demo clips
This will get updated more soon, as I record more clips.

Awakened 9 Baran

Awakened 9 Drox

Elder witnessed by maven

Minotaur fight (Joined by Chimera)

Shaper Fight

Awakened 9 Sirus Fight (deathless)

Uber Elder fight (witnessed by maven)
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Awesome!! I've always wanted to try lightning tendrils since it looks so cool. How would you rate its clear speed and tankiness? Would love to see a mapping video if you have one.
I can post a mapping video if you would like, I'll post one tomorrow.
clear speed is medium- its not super fast zoom zoom, but it wasnt build for that anyway.
the tankiness is pretty extreme :)

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