Boss bug in Drox occupied Terrace map

The bug happened in a Drox conqueror map spawned by Zana with the Terrace layout. I killed the first wave of illusions the boss spawns but at the same time dying to the small spheres that deal dot damage. When re-entering the map there was one illusion that was "frozen" in place not moving and without a health bar. I couldn't damage it nor could I remove it with void sphere or any corpse clearing effects. Eventually I just moved on and opened a new map.

The build I was using to fight the boss was a Tornado Shot Deadeye. I was also using herald of ice and an explosion mod chest piece, maybe those interactions had something to do with it. I deal mainly cold damage and freeze enemies so that is also a possible route to the bug.
Last bumped on Feb 27, 2021, 1:35:42 AM

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