Second time posting, still cant get Heist NPCs

I would love to run some Heist, but I cant get any NPCs after Nenet. I've tried reinstalling, and I've tried in SSF and Trade Ritual Leagues and it is still the same. This literally is making Heist unplayable for Grand Heists.
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Have you level up all your existing NPC....
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There aren't really any rogues "after" Nenet.

There are two rogue unlock chains, and the one with Nenet ends with Nenet. The other begins with Karst.
Tibbs → Tullina → Nenet
Karst → Huck → Niles → Vinderi → Gianna
Isla does not introduce any new rogues.

Eg. Group up with Vinderi and you`ll get Gianna. Niles leads to Vinderi...
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All of my current ones are level 3 or 4 In all of their abilities. Karst is almost at 5.

Edit: I've run probably 20-30 contracts with Karst and nothing spawns.
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So I apparently cant read and Karst was at 1 agility. Ran that and got it to spawn. I guess it just didn't like lockpicking.

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